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People Can't Believe The Last Few Seconds Of This Tory Candidate's Video Are Real

Greg Knight confirmed to BuzzFeed News that it is in fact a real campaign video: "Some people hate it and some people like it. It's quite a catchy tune... like pop music."

This is Greg Knight, the Conservative candidate for East Yorkshire. Like most politicians he wants his campaign to stand out.

So Knight created a campaign video that includes quite the jingle.

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And people absolutely lost their shit after watching it:

I knew Greg Knight was a real MP at the start of this video, and yet at the end, I had to Google to make sure: https://t.co/zUgpEIWrRV

In need of cheering up this rainy Tuesday? Look no further than Tory candidate #GregKnight πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ #ThisIsNotASpoof https://t.co/5krqqLNPg8

Petition for Greg Knight to represent the UK at next year's Eurovision.

Funniest election-related videos you will see to date coming from Greg Knight Con candidate for East Yorkshire. It'… https://t.co/8udiuPsck5

However, some people are concerned that it might in fact not be a real campaign video.

Hi @GregKnight. Can you confirm if this is a real video or a spoof? Cheers https://t.co/7SB9FlLZk5

Knight, though, has confirmed to BuzzFeed News that this is indeed a real campaign video, and he created it with some friends who are musicians.

Please enjoy this thread of pictures of Greg Knight, prospective Tory MP for East Yorkshire

He told BuzzFeed News: "A lot of candidates go around with loud speakers; instead I play the jingle."

He said: "It's a bit of fun. Politics is a serious business." He added that it was great to do something to "lighten the mood a bit".

Knight said: "Some people hate it and some people like it. It's quite a catchy tune... like pop music. The point is it got noticed."

When asked about the Alan Partridge references that were flying around Twitter, Knight said: "Well, they are the people that don't like the jingle. I don't know what the programme is about... I know there is a useless DJ."

Greg Knight and his election campaign channelling the inner @PoliticalAP... #ge2017

He added: "I don't mind being teased about it. It brought a bit of colour to my campaign."

Alan Partridge has successfully assumed the form of Greg Knight, Conservative candidate for East Yorkshire. #GE2017

Okay I'm starting to think that Greg Knight may actually be Alan Partridge in disguise. #GE2017

And if you enjoyed that, try out the full song.

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