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    These Women Got Abuse For Sharing Pictures Of Gender-Specific Toothpaste

    Because men and women don't have the same kind of teeth, apparently. :/

    A few weeks ago, Chloe, a 16-year-old from France, found out you could buy gender-specific toothpaste.

    mingha8 / Via Twitter: @mingha8

    Chloe told BuzzFeed News her dad bought the toothpaste without looking at the packaging. She tried it and her verdict was that it was "no different from any other toothpaste I've ever used".

    Her tweet has been retweeted more than 30,000 times. She told us she hadn't expected to get any at all.

    Due to the popularity of her tweet, Chloe’s mentions have been POPPING. "Some replies are [people] arguing over the fact that I'm not a dentist so I know nothing," she said.

    @mingha8 @peachyIiv are you a dentist

    Soraozu / Twitter

    BuzzFeed News also spoke to Brianna Castorena, a 20-year-old who tweeted about the toothpaste too, shortly after Chloe.

    LADIES do NOT buy this! This is for MEN. The peppermint is TOO powerful for our fragile feminine teeth & lady mouths

    But she didn't expect a misogynistic backlash to her tweet. Castorena said, “Men [were] calling me a bitch, a feminist, and making fun of me because I’m vegan, even though that has nothing to do with my tweet at all.”

    samanthaageee / Via Twitter: @samanthaageee

    Castorena said she was just poking fun at the toothpaste because she found it odd as "teeth from both sexes are the same".

    BeastCaucasian / Via Twitter: @BeastCaucasian

    Castorena said her husband is supporting her due to the unpleasant responses. Although the pair have found it amusing how upset some of the men in her mentions are.

    And, boy, are there plenty of opinions flying around. Chloe said she was told she "needed to get over it".

    Y'all females so sensitive man 😂😂 its toothpaste. There's a lot better things to be upset about

    Now people want everyone to know about this toothpaste for women.

    pocsoloharry / Via Twitter: @pocsoloharry

    And, of course, there are people taking the piss...

    mvroc_ / Via Twitter: @mvroc_


    tomhardly / Via Twitter: @tomhardly

    A spokesperson from Colgate told BuzzFeed News: "This product is designed to appeal to men in its flavor and aesthetics, and it is labelled 'for men' to call it to their attention."