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    Dua Lipa Has Apologised For Saying The N-Word While Covering A Song

    The singer tweeted earlier this morning: "I am very sorry to anyone that I have offended."

    British singer Dua Lipa has been criticised after an old video of her singing Mila J's "Smoke, Drink, Break-Up" resurfaced.

    Jeff Spicer / Getty Images

    In the recording, Dua sings the song, which includes the n-word – though the word itself is partially obscured by editing.

    heres the audio of dua lipa fully saying the n word but editing the last bit

    It wasn't long before people cancelled the singer.

    Dua Lipa said the n word in a song..sis you’re cancelled

    Dua Lipa really out here saying “Nigga”... new rules cancelled bitch & I was really about to stan

    Dua lipa is cancelled. Y’all can’t defend her. It doesn’t matter that the video is from 2014, she simply should not…

    However many fans say the singer did nothing wrong.

    In an attempt to defend the singer, some fans found a video of Dua Lipa syncing to Chance the Rapper's "No Problem" last summer.

    The song also contains the n-word, but Dua pauses when that part of the song plays.

    Love you my loves goodnight! I will be more active on twitter this weekend 💖 also follow my sc: DuaLipa

    Earlier this morning the singer apologised for saying the word.

    I always stand up for social justice and I am very sorry to anyone that I have offended x

    "I didn't say the full word but I can admit I shouldn't have gone there at all and that a different word could’ve been recorded altogether to avoid offence and confusion," she said.

    In relation to my 2014 cover I never meant to offend or upset anyone. I didnt say the full word but I can admit I s…

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