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    19 Black Girls Who Are Totally Slaying The Grey Hair Look

    How to slay grey hair 101.

    1. Two gorgeous grey puffs.

    2. Ombre braids. <3

    3. Rocking short braids so effortlessly. 💅🏻

    4. Look how perfect the curls are 😭.

    5. These luscious faux locs. <3

    6. Please admire this fabulous unit!

    7. YAS for this marvellous masterpiece.

    8. She came to slay! She's not playing no games.

    9. How to stunt on your haters 101.

    10. Mesmerised by this twa.

    11. Flipping bomb diggity.



    15. You better werk!

    16. This silver sensation.

    17. She makes it look so easy.

    18. Braid Brilliance.

    19. Undercut + twist crochet braids = FLAWlessness

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