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    Under Armour Canada's 40% Off Outlet Sale Will Get You Excited To Exercise Again

    The sale ends on May 10th!

    We should all be social distancing right now (it's important!), but maybe you still want to work out every now and then. Luckily, through May 10, Under Armour Canada is having an up to 40%-off sale on all their outlet merchandise! The best part — you don't even need to use a promo code.

    Better act quick, though — these things will sell out quickly!

    Here are some of our favourite finds:

    1. A pair of high-waisted leggings that'll never slip or roll when you're just trying to get your downward dog on. Unlike other leggings, these ones are designed to give you superior coverage (i.e. they are NOT see-through). And smooth, flat seams means uncomfortable chafing is a thing of the past.

    2. This heavy-duty backpack that'll handle anything you throw at it with ease. The water-resistant finish and tough bottom panel will protect even the most delicate tech (like your laptop) from getting soaked in the rain or jostled during a bike ride. You'll even be able to pack an extra pair of shoes and a water bottle!

    3. This incredibly supportive sports bra that'll keep your ta-tas in check during strenuous activity. It's specially designed for high-impact exercise, so go ahead and whip out your jump rope. It even has a hook clasp at the back, so you'll never get stuck in your bra after a really sweaty workout ever again.

    4. These comfy-cozy fleece pants, because it's probably time to toss that threadbare pair you're lounging in right now. These plush pantaloons will keep your legs warm without squishing them, and look sleek enough to wear for an impromptu grocery run.

    5. Some ultra-breathable running shoes that'll not only keep your feet feelin' fine through even the hardest workout, but they'll look cute doing it, too. They're super sleek, so they won't cramp your style, and the full cushioning means blisters are a thing of the past. Hello, new best friend.

    6. This funnel-neck sweatshirt that'll keep you comfortable, dry, and warm during your workout — even if that workout consists of a walk to the snack cupboard.

    7. A vibrant, wind-resistant jacket that'll shelter your body from the elements while serving some strong '90s vibes. The special rip-stop fabric means you can go ahead and haul groceries, do some yard work, or go for a jog without worrying about accidentally tearing your outerwear.

    8. These cute lil' shorts that are moisture-wicking, anti-pilling, and oh-so-comfy. Their generous, relaxed fit makes them a great companion to just about any workout. Or you can just slip 'em on and lounge on the couch — we won't judge!

    9. This vented top that'll keep things light and breezy. It's made of ultra-soft modal fabric that drapes beautifully without ever being clingy. Reviewers say it's helped them stay cool through even the most intense workouts, too!

    10. An adjustable baseball cap that'll help keep sweaty hair out of your eyes and help hide even the messiest mane. Not only does it already feel perfectly worn-in, but a secret sweat-wicking band will wick away moisture so you can stay dry and continue on your way.

    11. This chic little skort, because sometimes you need the sleek look of a skirt but the comfort of your fave pair of shorts.

    12. An oversized crew neck sweater that does not mesh around. This lightweight top is made for layering — the cropped silhouette looks fantastic paired with high-waisted leggings, or tucked into joggers. And since it has four-way stretch, you can wear it to all your workouts, too.

    13. This braided belt that'll help keep your pants up. But that's just the beginning: This baby is made of a special, stretch-woven fabric that moves with you, which means you won't have any annoying pinching or squeezing around your middle during the day.

    14. This long-sleeved compression shirt that feels great during a workout, and does double duty as a warmer layer during brisk spring mornings.

    15. Some performance socks that work as hard as you do. They'll stay in place and cushion your tootsies during your workouts, and are breathable and slim-fitting, so your feet will never feel cramped in shoes. Built-in arch support helps to reduce foot fatigue, too!

    16. This ruby-hued bomber jacket that'll keep you comfortable during the weird and wonky moods of spring. The unique quilted insulation traps your body heat inside the jacket while still allowing air flow, so you're always the perfect temperature. It also repels water and is rip-resistant, so you can take this baby anywhere.

    17. These unisex tactical boots that will keep your foot comfy and secure, no matter what kind of activity you're doing. Even if you're currently stuck doing jumping jacks at home, this is footwear you'll be happy to invest in — these shoes are super cushioned, and have heavy-duty soles that grip virtually any surface.

    18. This sports hoodie that's so packed with special features, it's impossible not to love it. Sure, it's water-repellant and specially constructed to keep your body at an optimal temperature. But it also has a built-in balaclava for those chilly evening runs! The face mask has smooth, anti-chafe seams, a mesh mouth piece for breathability, AND a hidden ponytail hole in the back.

    19. This ultra-soft sleep henley that's lined with mineral-infused fabric to help your body recover while you sleep. It's super stretchy, too, so you won't feel constricted while you're just trying to give your sore muscles a break.

    20. This seamless tee, so you can lift weights, groceries, kids, or anything else without any chafing or irritation. It has secret mesh ventilation patches to keep your sweaty bits nice and dry, and built-in anti-odour protection means you'll smell fresh as a daisy (even if you feel anything but).

    21. This woven anorak that'll get your muscles warm and ready for anything you throw at them. The generous sleeves mean you can layer this over your favourite sweater if the weather is cooler. It also folds up really tiny, so you can keep it in your bag if Mother Nature decides to throw a curve ball at you.

    22. These super-stretchy leggings that are so cute, you may actually feel inspired to work out. They offer great coverage, and have a slew of tiny, invisible pockets for you to store all your knick-knacks. They even have strategically-placed taping to help increase muscle support during strenuous workouts.

    23. And lastly, this gilded sling bag that's big enough to fit your gym clothes, a water bottle, and an extra pair of shoes — or maybe just a couple rolls of toilet paper. It's water-repellant, and has a quick-release buckle, just in case.

    Let's get ~physical~!

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