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    30 Of The Prettiest Beauty Products From Anthropologie That’ll Help Solve All Your Beauty Woes

    Don't judge a book by its cover — these are some hard-working products!

    1. These lovely little shower steamers that'll make any shower a luxe, spa-like experience. Just break off half of a cute cakelet and toss it in the shower. The scents are activated by steam — choose between lavender, bergamot, juniper berry, or eucalyptus, and allow yourself to be swept away.

    2. This pastel-coloured dental floss that's made of microfibre and coconut wax, but acts like a loofah to scrub all the gunk out from between your teeth. This floss is super gentle on gums, and is infused with fruit essential oils so it tastes amazing, too.

    3. These rose gold tweezers that will help you keep your brows in check yourself. The precision tip means no hair will escape your attention! Say goodbye to ingrown hairs, too — this baby will scoop 'em right out.

    4. This jasmine-scented body scrub that's made of crushed amethyst and magnesium-rich salt to help slough off and rejuvenate even the driest, dullest skin. Reviewers absolutely adore it, and say they've found the Holy Grail of exfoliants!

    5. This intensely hydrating belly oil that'll infuse skin with antioxidants to help prevent stretch marks and itchiness during the growth of your lil' nugget. As a bonus, it dries super quick, so you can apply it and get dressed in minutes — no greasy stains here.

    6. These bath salts that come packaged in a lovely, Art Deco-inspired tin. The salt is derived from Australia's Murray River and is absolutely brimming with beta-carotene, potassium, iodine, and magnesium to soothe dry skin and sore muscles. This combo of minerals also helps to boost circulation!

    7. This glossy metallic nail lacquer that'll lend some sparkle to your claws. This vegan polish goes on smoothly and is free of eight yucky ingredients traditionally found in nail varnish (like formaldehyde). Just one coat will make your nails look like you snuck in a visit to your local salon.

    8. This aptly-named face oil from Sunday Riley, whose other-worldly colour will make you want to display this on your vanity. But this ain't just a pretty product! This powerhouse busts blackheads and blemishes, while regulating oil production and decongesting your pores.

    9. This set of chic silk scrunchies that'll keep your hair out of your face without pulling, tugging, tangling, or damaging your strands. Mulberry silk is not only incredibly gentle on hair, but it also helps to avoid the dreaded Ponytail Bump™.

    10. A glitzy lip balm that's packed with sparkly confetti. This party-in-a-tube adjusts to your unique pH, giving you a completely bespoke shade of pink. Plus, reviewers say it's incredibly moisturizing and easy to wear.

    11. This sparkly facial cupping set that'll help stimulate and rejuvenate your facial muscles. Cupping is also said to help with lymphatic drainage — goodbye, puffiness! And because it brings blood to the surface of the skin, it'll increase circulation and help your skin to look and feel it's very best.

    12. This vintage-inspired natural toothpaste that's not only free of fluoride and sulphates, but even comes with a handy twisting key so you can get every last drop out of the tube. You'll be able to keep your pearly whites looking their pearliest and feel good knowing you're not contributing to more plastic waste.

    13. Some gold eye patches that are packed with soothing botanicals to give your tender undereye area the TLC it deserves. Reviewers say they help keep dark circles and puffiness in line, and help mask sleepless nights after just one use.

    14. This wide-tooth beechwood comb that'll help to detangle and smooth even the wildest mane. Think of it as the chic older cousin to that black plastic comb you've been using since childhood.

    15. These cute little soap gems that are a luxe update to that boring old bar chillin' in your soap dish. Each time you lather up one of these jewels, your skin will feel softer, cleaner, and smoother. Shine on, you crazy diamond!

    16. This rosy shimmer body oil that'll give you a truly lit-from-within glow, while nourishing your skin with pomegranate tincture, meadowfoam seed oil, and a bunch of other goodies. The pinkish hue will help disguise blemishes, too.

    17. This whipped cheek and lip cream that almost looks delicious enough to eat. It's a one-stop-shop for a fresh-faced flush, too — dab it onto your cheeks or your pout, and finally nail the coveted "no makeup" makeup lewk. Perfect for that impromptu video chat!

    18. A tortoiseshell toothbrush, so even daily dental scrubbing can be chic as heck. These natural brushes are super soft, so you won't feel like you're scouring your enamel with steel wool. Plus, they're way fancier than the plastic brushes you get from your dentist!

    19. This eyeshadow palette inspired by the summer solstice that will have you dreaming of warmer days. Each shade is crystal-charged and infused with citrine powder and skin-loving rosehip oil to give you a healthy, glowing complexion. And the colour pay-off is honestly outstanding!

    20. These sliced sheet masks that can be slapped on just about anywhere, and are specially created to deal with just about any skincare concern. Maybe you have a pesky patch of breakouts on one cheek, but the other cheek is a bit dry — individually selecting slices will help you give your skin exactly what it needs.

    21. This mineral illuminator that also doubles as a lightweight sunscreen. This sweat-proof powder is infused with vitamin E, and application is a total dream. It's even been tested by pro athletes AND Olympians! Just a few twists of the base and a light dusting on the face and you'll look like you just spent the last hour in Shavasana.

    22. This shimmering sea salt spray that'll actually give you mermaid-like waves without making your mane crunchy, sticky, or dull. This gold-flecked spritz is perfect for all those low-maintenance hairstyles you've always wanted to try!

    23. This cerulean-hued mask that'll give your skin the deep clean you've been craving. It's powered by fruit enzymes that zap congested pores, and gently resurface your face. You'll emerge with skin softer than a baby's bum, and annoying breakouts will be a thing of the past.

    24. Some cute exfoliating sugar cubes that'll make it easier than ever to slough off dry skin. Instead of wondering if one scoop is enough for your whole body (it isn't), just grab a few cubes and get to work. Your beauty routine just got a whole lot ~sweeter~.

    25. This amethyst face roller that'll help de-puff and tone your facial muscles. Sure, it seems gimmicky — but I promise you, it's NOT. Facial rollers are designed to gently promote lymphatic drainage and ease muscle tension. Annoying headaches? Banished. Water retention? Busted.

    26. This holographic hair spray, so you can take your strands from blah to bow-chicka-wow-wow in just a few spritzes. This reflective spritz is great on all hair types and shades (even dark brunettes!), so go ahead and get creative.

    27. This cleansing balm that'll melt into your skin and leave it feeling fresh and clean. Unlike some cleansers that can make your face feel tight and dry, this formula is so rich and emollient, you'll see a noticeable glow after a few uses. Plus, it smells AMAZING!

    28. A lavender eye pillow that'll help ease painful headaches, soothe tired, dry eyes, and even help you drift off to dreamland. You can even throw it in the microwave and get it all warm and toasty if you want a bit of heat therapy.

    29. These detoxifying bath salts that'll suck all the stress and gunk out of your skin. Thanks to ingredients like clove and frankincense, this immune-boosting soak can even act as a mild antihistamine for pesky allergies or a stuffy nose.

    30. And lastly, these eau de parfums that are deliberately created to evoke a sense of nostalgia. Whether it’s your fave beach day from last summer or a fond memory of drinking rosé all day at brunch, these fresh and uplifting scents will take you there — even if you can’t recreate them yourself right now.

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