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    22 Things You Probably Need If You’re Looking For Some Inspiration In The Kitchen

    Let's get cookin'.

    1. This egg maker that'll make sure your oeufs always perfectly line up with your bagel. Whisk a few eggs into the container (maybe throw in a few veggies) and pop it into the microwave for a minute. Hello, delicious breakfast sandwich.

    2. A set of pretty pastel frying pans that'll make you actually look forward to cooking dinner. These forged aluminum accessories are as durable as they are pretty, and even have soft-touch handles so you can say goodbye to unpleasant kitchen ouchies.

    3. This cute mini waffle maker, if you're just dipping your toe into the world of breakfast food. Sure, this'll crank out some lovely waffles, but don't limit yourself — this baby makes short work of homemade hash browns, and can even be used for rustic-style latkas.

    4. Or, if your sweet tooth craves more pie-shaped dishes, this mini pie maker is just the ticket. Use the included dough cutter to shape your crust, and then pop it into the appliance. Then fill with your fave foods! Whether it's apple or chicken pot, these personal-sized pies won't disappoint.

    5. An automatic pan stirrer that'll keep things from burning the SECOND you turn your back. Simply drop this smart little robot into your pan, and set the timer. Prepare your taste buds for exquisite risotto — arm cramps not included.

    6. This maple wood snack board that's etched with a neat little blueprint of how to build the perfect charcuterie plate. Think of it like painting by numbers — only more delicious! Each side has a different diagram, so you can vary your snack plates by occasion, too.

    7. A set of six grilling spices, because variety is the ~spice~ of life. Each one of these delicious blends will add a big dose of flavour to anything you toss on the grill — whether it's corn on the cob, shrimp skewers, or just some simple grilled taters.

    8. A veggie ricer that'll make short work of chopping things, like broccoli or cauliflower, so you can spend more time munching on your delish creation and less time wanting to set your kitchen on fire. HOW do those tiny crumbs manage to get EVERYWHERE?

    9. A set of foodie dice, if you're struggling to come up with ideas for dinner. One toss of these inscribed cubes and you'll be able to choose from over 186,000 (!!) meal options. The options range from protein, to seasonal veggies, grain/carb selections, and even herbs and spices, so you'll never have to make the same thing twice.

    10. These wooden grilling planks that'll upgrade your BBQ game from boring to BOMBASTIC. Made of five different woods, each plank imparts a different flavour to the food you're cooking. Just soak, smoke, and enjoy!

    11. This Indian feast in a box that'll make whipping up some Masala easier than ever. The box is packed with everything you'd need, so you don't have to stress about missing ingredients, or guessing if you have the right spices. You can even customize the recipes and ingredients to fit pescatarian or vegetarian diets.

    12. An oyster shucker that'll hold your bivalves firmly in place while you wedge them open and slurp 'em down. The special ridging cradles the oyster shell, so you don't have to wrestle with it during the shucking process.

    13. This one-pot pasta recipe book, so you can whip up healthy and delicious meals with minimal effort (and also minimal dirty dishes). Each recipe comes together in 30 minutes or less, too!

    14. This easy-peasy cold brew coffee maker that takes the guesswork out of making your fave low-acid caffeinated beverage. It automatically starts brewing the moment it's placed over the carafe. Plus, the petite design won't clog up your counter or fridge.

    15. A chic bronze cake stand that might actually inspire you to whip up a lovely gateau. You'll literally be able to put your creation on a pedestal! You can even stack a few to create a bespoke dessert station, if that's more your style.

    16. A deluxe oil infuser, so you can create customized infused oils that can be drizzled over veggies, added to homemade vinaigrette, or just used as a delicious dip for some crusty bread. The gentle heating process doesn't aerate the ingredients, either, so they'll keep for much longer in the fridge (#bless).

    17. This quinoa and rice cooker that will make prepping your favourite starchy grains a breeze. No more sweating over a hot stove, trying to guess if the rice is ready. Just fill the basin with water, add your grains to the top, and microwave!

    18. This lovely stoneware tagine, so you can experiment with different types of cuisine (instead of ordering some more Uber Eats). This method of cooking results in delectable, tender, incredibly flavourful dishes, so you know you'll enjoy the results every time.

    19. This cute portable blender that'll whip up a delicious smoothie in mere moments. It's so powerful, it can even crush ice (if you're less *protein shake* and more *margarita*). It can blend up to 12 shakes on a single charge, too!

    20. A super-swanky garlic jar that creates the perfect environment for storing those pungent little nuggets. The ceramic bowl allows air to circulate around the garlic bulb, while protecting it from light and other environmental factors. It's also an excuse to keep more garlic on hand (as if we need one), so your recipes will always be delicious.

    21. This Vegan Stoner Cookbook, which includes recipes for all kinds of delicious vegan dishes that are always delicious, whether you're smoking the devil's lettuce or not. And since these recipes come together in mere moments, you'll find yourself reaching for this guidebook a lot more often than you think.

    22. And lastly, this cute little air fryer, so you can indulge in your fave crispy, crunchy snacks while still being healthy. Since there's not a drop of oil being used here, you can feel good about indulging in that second helping of chicken nuggets. Plus, your food is ready in minutes and clean-up is super easy.

    You enjoying your culinary delights:

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