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    22 Reusable Versions Of Products You Probably Use All The Dang Time

    Let's say goodbye to single-use plastics, and hello to a more sustainable everyday life.

    1. This genius food container that'll keep all your ingredients separate until you're ready to chow down. That means no more soggy salads! This baby is BIG — it can fit almost seven cups of fruits and veggies! And the top section even has a leak-free compartment to keep your salad dressing from spilling all over your bag.

    2. Some bamboo pads that'll help easily remove your nail polish, apply toner, or cleanse your face. Reviewers love that unlike traditional cotton pads, these ones don't have annoying fluffs that can get caught in eyelashes, and don't disintegrate once they get wet.

    3. Or this plush facecloth that’ll remove all your makeup with just a bit of H20. Reviewers say it even tackles waterproof makeup with ease, and leaves their skin feeling soft and residue-free. And the best part is that you can just toss it in with your laundry when it starts to get gunky.

    4. These sturdy shopping bags that'll make it easier than ever to carry all your groceries (without stressing that the bags will break the second you leave the store). Each tear-resistant bag can carry up to 11 pounds! The breathable mesh means you can also use them to store your stuff in the fridge, without having everything go slimy.

    A flatlay of veggies inside the mesh bags

    5. An mattifying facial roller that will help give your skin a velvety matte finish in seconds. The secret is the volcanic stone that actually sucks up all the oils on your skin's surface while you roll it over your face. And reviewers love that it's an environmentally-friendly alternative to classic blotting sheets!

    A person rolls the facial roller over their face, leaving it looking smooth and oil-free

    6. These beeswax wraps that'll help you finally say goodbye (and good riddance!) to single-use plastic wrap. I absolutely adore mine — I use them to wrap cheese, cover leftovers, and keep veggies fresh, but their uses don't stop there. Cut them up into smaller pieces and wrap your shaving razor in it to protect your digits, or roll up your cutlery the next time you head out for a picnic.

    7. Some sturdy reusable silicone bags that'll give you a place to stash snacks, fruit, makeup, or even wet clothes. The pinch-lock system protects your stuff, so you could even use them to sous vide your dinner! And unlike the plastic bags we know from our childhood, these ones don't have any BPA, an industrial chemical that's present in a LOT of plastic products.

    8. These konjac facial sponges that'll help give your complexion a deep exfoliation without the use of microplastics. These hard-working nuggets suck up toxins and impurities, and since they're 100% natural, you don't have to worry about those mysterious, hard-to-pronounce ingredients in a lot of skincare products.

    Two konjac sponges in a ceramic bowl

    9. A magical lil' metal soap that'll easily eliminate odours from your hands without using endless amounts of soap. Garlic, fish, and onions don't stand a chance! Give your hands a scrub for 30 seconds in cold water (like you would with regular soap) and let the stainless steel bar do the rest.

    10. These silicone baking cups that'll be a cuter (and sturdier) alternative to their waxed paper cousins. Thanks to their durable design, reviewers use them to line their car cupholders, as dividers in lunch boxes, or to store chicken stock in the freezer.

    A person pouring batter into the silicone cups

    11. This eyelash-separating comb, so your lashes can look fluttery and clump free. The contoured shape is designed to curve around your eye and get right to the root of your lashes. Detangling and removing excess product has never been easier!

    12. Some silicone dish scrubbers that'll get your pots and pans clean as a whistle — and double as hand protectors, too! Thanks to the soft bristles, you'll be able to scrub away caked-on grime without damaging non-stick cookware. And unlike sponges, these don't trap gross particles (yuck). Plus, they're easy to disinfect and use over and over again.

    13. A couple of extra-long silicone drinking straws, so you can slurp up your shakes, smoothies, and iced coffees and know you're not contributing to landfill waste. Each set comes with five straight and five bent straws so you can actually use them for just about everything. You can also cut them down for kids' cups!

    14. These stylish earplugs that are specially designed to retain sound clarity while filtering out harmful or damaging frequencies, making them way more effective than their foam counterparts. Reviewers use them during loud events, while roading motorcycles, or even at home with a rowdy bunch of kids, and say they help protect their hearing without completely deafening the user.

    A profile photo of a person wearing the earplugs

    15. These reusable bamboo towels that'll make you wonder why you ever bought regular paper towels in the first place. One roll of these super absorbent and extra strong towels can replace up to 60 rolls of traditional paper towels. Plus, the roll will fit on your existing dispenser.

    16. This heavy-duty oven liner that'll help keep your oven free of drips and messes. You can even use it as a baking mat or a pan liner — no need for aluminum foil or parchment paper! And the best part is that you can just rinse it off under some water to get it looking brand new again.

    17. These hair coils that are way hardier than ordinary elastics, won't leave bumps in your hair, and look cute AF on your wrist. And once they get a little stretched out, just drop them in hot water and watch them shrink right back to their original size.

    A hand holding several of the clear, coiled hair ties

    18. This colourful little menstrual cup that'll help you eliminate single-use products from your personal care routine, while also keeping pesky leaks at bay. I know what you're thinking — aren't all menstrual cups more or less the same? WRONG. This one has a specially-designed tab at the base to make removal extremely easy (I'm talking first-time-user easy).

    19. Some reusable travel coffee mugs, so you can fuel your caffeine addiction without creating waste. Since they're made of glass, they won't absorb flavours (like plastic versions). And the silicone sleeve means accidental spills and drops are basically a thing of the past.

    20. These silicone scrubbies that'll help you get your face squeaky clean, while also gently exfoliating and getting rid of product build-up like nobody's business. These flexible little pads are covered in tiny silicone bristles, and they have a helpful handle on the back so it won't slip out of your hand when you're all lathered up.

    21. This silicone baking mat that'll be a huge help during your next baking adventure. The non-stick mat is designed to make kneading, rolling, and shaping ~easy as pie~ while also keeping your workspace clean. Reviewers love that there's no need to flour it, and say it's hardy enough to stand up to cookie cutters, too.

    A person smashes a ball of dough onto the centre of the silicone baking mat

    22. And finally, some cute stackable ice cream tubs that'll help you store all your frosty summer treats. These tiny little containers are awesome for homemade desserts, and will save you a TON of space in the freezer, too. And reviewers say the silicone lids are easy to open, too, so you can spend less time wrestling with a frozen lid and more time enjoying a well-earned treat.

    A mini ice cream tub full of vanilla ice cream sits on a countertop with scattered sprinkles around it

    You loving these earth-friendly alternatives:

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