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    25 Things That’ll Turn Your Space Into A Home Office

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    1. An office desk that's equal parts stylish and functional. It'll give you enough room to work, without taking up a lot of space. And it has two deep shelves to store your office supplies, so you'll have more room on your desktop.

    A small wooden desk with a laptop and lamp on the top There are two built-in shelves underneath with a small box on one

    2. An ergonomic monitor riser that'll elevate your computer or laptop to a more comfortable height. It's wide enough to support most monitors and holds up to 40 pounds. The perforated holes on top will allow for proper ventilation, and it has a little nook underneath to store small office items.

    A laptop that is on a high metal tray with perforated holes on the surface

    3. A slim and stylish wireless mouse for anyone who prefers a mouse over the laptop trackpad. It comes with a tiny receiver that fits into the USB port, making it easy to connect it to your computer.

    A wireless mouse placed next to a laptop

    4. A little desk organizer where you can stash all your tiny office supplies like pens and sticky notes. It'll keep your workspace tidy, and it fits over your keyboard, so it won't take up a lot of space on your desk.

    A long rectangular stand placed over a keyboard on a desk. The stand has a coffee mug, pens, pictures, a stapler, and lip balm organized neatly on top

    5. A sliding keyboard tray that'll hang off the end of your desk, so you'll have more space on top. It'll lower your keyboard and mouse to a more ergonomic position and the clamps are adjustable, so you can easily reposition or remove it.

    6. A desk organizer set that'll help you declutter your workspace and keep all your important documents in plain sight. This set is as functional as it is stylish, and it'll save you a ton of space at your desk, too.

    A wiry rectangular magazine holder with a single magazine in it, a rectangular document tray with a book in it, a cylinder pencil holder with a pen and pair of scissors in it, and a letter tray with a notebook in the second slot

    7. A wooden ladder shelf that can double as a writing desk, if you don't have enough room for a huge desk. You'll have a bit of storage space on the top shelf, and the large lower shelf can act as a desk top.

    A wooden desk with a metal frame and a small shelf above

    8. Or a compact wooden desk that you can turn in a mobile workstation for any room in your house. It has a large desk top that'll accommodate a laptop, and two extra shelves if you have more equipment, like a computer monitor, hard drive, or printer.

    9. A footrest that has a textured surface you can use as a mini massager for your feet. It'll make working at your desk WAY more comfortable, and the platform tilts back and forth, so you can easily stretch your legs at your desk, too.

    A person placing their feet on a foot rest that has a bumpy surface

    10. An all-in-one printer that'll help you print, copy, scan and fax documents in minutes. It'll connect to your WiFi and you can print straight from your phone or tablet using the HP Smart app. Reviewers love that it also has double-sided printing, which helps them save on paper.

    A large computer printer on top of a wooden shelf

    11. A rolling shelf that'll give you a place for your printer, if you don't want to leave it on your desk. It's small enough to fit under your desk and has three compartments to store paper and other office supplies.

    A printer sitting on a small wooden shelf on wheels The shelf has three sections filled with office supplies like paper and a stapler

    12. A wrist rest that'll give you all the support you need. It's made with soft memory foam that won't lose its shape over time, and has a rubber bottom that'll keep it from sliding around on your desk.

    A person typing on their laptop with a long fabric wrist rest underneath their arms

    13. A wide roller stamp that'll cover all the private information on your papers and envelopes with a thick, dark ink. Now you can recycle mail or important documents, without worrying about someone stealing personal information. No shredder needed!

    14. A pack of tiny cable clips that'll detangle all the cords around your computer. The clips come in three sizes (single, double, or triple) and can fit cords up to six millimeters wide. They also have an adhesive sticker on the bottom, so you can stick them where you'd like.

    Three cords sitting in rubber cable holders that are stuck to the top and sides of an office desk

    15. Or a cable management box that'll turn your desk into a tidy, stress-free zone. It can accommodate power strips up to 12 inches and will keep cords out of sight, which is especially important if you have kids and pets.

    16. An adjustable computer riser that'll turn your desk into a standing desk in seconds. It's wide enough to fit two monitors and already comes assembled, so you can use it right away.

    17. A waterproof desk pad that'll protect your desk from scratches, spills, and other stains. It's made of non-slip faux leather that is durable and smooth enough to act as a mouse pad, too. It'll add a pop of colour to your workspace, and it's double-sided, so you can change up your look whenever you want.

    A large faux leather desk pad covers desktop with a computer, keyboard and mouse on it

    18. Or a roll of marble-printed contact paper that'll update your desk top on the cheap. The self-adhesive will stick without ruining the integrity of the surface it's covering. It's also waterproof, making it a perfect fix for your office desk

    19. A laptop stand that'll make studying in bed a lot easier. It has grooves at the top that’ll hold your tablet and drink, and foldable legs, so you can store it when you’re finished. And when you're not using it to study, you can use it as a breakfast tray.

    20. A minimalist shelving unit that'll give you more storage space in your office. Each cube can hold up to 15 pounds and can be stacked in different ways, so you can create a completely customized bookshelf.

    A shelving unit with nine square sections filled with books, plants, and stuffed animals

    21. A cushy office chair that'll make you feel like royalty every time you sit in it. It's made of 100% microfibre, which reviewers say feels super comfy. It also has padded headrest, back, and seat cushion to provide extra support.

    A large office chair with armrests sitting next to a desk

    22. A thick chair mat that'll save your hardwood floors from scrapes and scratches. It's coated with an anti-skid finish that'll keep your chair from moving around while you work. It's easy to clean and completely waterproof, so it'll protect your carpets from stains, too.

    Two chairs with wheels on either side of a huge desk The chairs have a thick plastic pad underneath them

    23. A filing cabinet that'll store and organize loose papers. It's wide enough to fit letter-sized hanging file folders, and it has a lock on the second drawer if you need to secure sensitive documents or belongings.

    A small metal filing cabinet with two drawers The lower drawer is slightly open and has a small lock in the top right corner

    24. A vertical file organizer that'll take up the space on your walls, if you don't have the storage space near your desk. Each pocket can hold up to 25 sheets of papers and the entire unit folds up, so it's easy to store when you're not using it.

    25. And finally, an adorable desk organizer with multiple compartments to help organize your workspace. It comes in two pieces, so you're free to arrange them in different ways on your desk. Reviewers say it saves a lot of space on their desk and is super easy to assemble.

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