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    Here Are All The Best Splurge-Worthy Black Friday Deals You Can Get Right This Very Second

    The best time to treat yourself is right now!

    If you've been waiting patiently for sweet Black Friday sales, I'm here to tell ya — there are *tons* already happening! Read on to find sick deals on all your fave splurge-worthy goodies, like UGG boots, Kindles, and everything in between.

    1. 50% off a 23andMe DNA kit if you've ever been curious about what secrets lie in your genetic material. Using scientific data, you'll be able to unlock all sorts of info, like if your perfect nose comes from your mom's side or your dad's.

    a 23andme ancestry dna kit

    2. 50% off a 4K Fire TV stick that'll let you access all your streaming platforms in one place. Since it's Alexa-enabled, you'll be able to pause, play, or simply search for your fave show without having to scroll for ages.

    Bianca holding up the Fire TV Stick remote in front of the television

    3. 50% off a Foreo UFO 2 that'll help you turn up the dial on your masking ritual. Snap it one of the puck masks and use the companion app to treat yourself to a two-minute cycle of sonic vibrations, plus light and thermotherapy — trust me, your skin will be ✨glowing✨.

    Victoria holding up the ufo 2 in her hand

    4. 31% off a heat-up compression eye mask that'll ease all the tension and puffiness around your poor eyeballs. Reviewers say it's a total godsend for anyone who suffers from migraines, sinus pressure, and allergies, too.

    A person wearing the mask while lying in bed

    5. Up to 30% off a cozy winter coat that's got reviewers all in a tizzy — and it's filled with plush down to boot. It's packed with pockets and even has a fully-lined hood for when the winter weather really sets in.

    6. 45% off a Shark handheld vacuum that'll help you tidy those teeny messes hiding around your home. Reviewers love its powerful suction and say the included attachments make cleaning debris out of crevices and corners a total snap.

    someone using the shark vacuum to clean up pet hair from their couch

    7. 40% off a cozy cashmere cardi from Banana Republic that you'll wanna wear on repeat this winter. It's got a plush bouclé texture that'll make you feel like you're swaddled in a big ol' blankie (while still looking chic as heck).

    a person wearing the plush cashmere cardigan

    8. A pair of classic UGG boots you'll wanna grab before the snowy weather really sets in. They're extra tall and lined with plush shearling so chilly temps won't have a chance to sneak in and ruin your day.

    A person wearing the UGGs with jeans

    9. 35% off a mini Our Place Always Pan that won't take up every inch of your precious kitchen storage space. It's still got all the same features (like a non-stick coating and built-in spoon rest), so you'll be able to use it for frying, braising, and everything in between.

    someone garnishing a dish inside the mini our place pan

    10. 29% off a Kindle Oasis so you can download your reading material, instead of filling your house with books. The brightness is adjustable, too, so you won't have to turn on the overheads at midnight and bug your partner.

    11. 21% off a Cosori air fryer that'll produce delicious crispy treats with just a fraction of the oil of a traditional deep dryer. It's super simple to use AND clean, so you won't have to spend hours decoding complicated instructions.

    the air fryer on a kitchen counter

    12. A pair of funky pearl earrings if you're looking to add some fancy pieces to your collection. Their organic shape will make them a standout from all the perfect 'n' polished bling already living in your jewellery box, too.

    a person wearing the organic shaped pearl earrings

    13. 33% off a Bissell carpet cleaner that'll help you knock out those pesky cleaning chores in a flash. Reviewers say it works actual magic on stained upholstery, dirty carpets, and even packed-in pet hair.

    A person using the device on their carpets

    14. 22% off an aerating carafe that'll breathe some life into your vino. The special stopper will oxygenate your wine as it gets poured inside (not to mention make it super simple to pour what's left back into the bottle for safe-keeping).

    a trio of aerating carafes aerating several bottles of red wine

    15. 30% off an Anastasia Beverly Hills brow pencil that'll make your face caterpillars look 💯. The fine tip makes it incredibly easy to apply (even for non-pros like me), and it has a hidden spoolie on the opposite end for combing everything out.

    16. 32% off a fancy Aerogarden kit so you can enjoy homegrown produce all year round (without getting down and dirty in your garden). It has the power to detect when your greens need more food and will even remind you when it's time to hydrate your leafy babies.

    someone trimming some of the fresh produce in their aerogarden

    17. 27% off a pair of Ray-Ban sunnies if your peepers could use a lil' protection. The brand's trademark green-tinted lenses will help keep eye fatigue at bay, and they've got petite nose pads to keep the frames from sliding down your face.

    a person wearing a pair of rayban sunglasses

    18. 21% off a stylish Smeg electric kettle that'll make brewing a cuppa joe feel a lil' more luxe. And it's got a large capacity, so you won't have to refill it every two seconds when guests pop by.

    a smeg kettle on a kitchen countertop

    19. 20% off an aloe vera-infused pillow that'll cradle your noggin, so you'll never wake up with a crick in your neck ever again. It's made of memory foam that'll adjust to every position, while keeping you cool and comfy all night long.

    20. 48% off a tri-fold vanity mirror so you can peep every angle of your gorgeous face, you stunner you. Each panel can be adjusted individually (the right one even has dual magnification for detail work) so you'll never miss a thing when you're doing your skincare routine or makeup.

    21. Up to 34% off a pair of wireless Beats Studio3 headphones if you're looking to upgrade from teeny-tiny earbuds. They're noise-cancelling and have an impressive battery life, too (up to 22 hours of use on a single charge!).

    A person holding the headphones by their band

    22. 30% off a pair of light-as-air Under Armour training shoes that'll cushion your feet while you're pushing through your last set. They have a breathable mesh upper with plenty of support for reducing impact and protecting your joints while you're bopping around the gym.

    victoria holding up a pair of the under armour sneakers

    23. 28% off a Google Nest thermostat so you can stay at the *perfect* temp, no matter what the weather's like outdoors. Logging into the companion app will let you control your settings from just about anywhere, which means you can set things to cool down or heat up before you even get home.

    a person adjusting the thermostat using the side wheel

    24. Up to 30% off a drawing tablet that'll help you create all kinds of digital masterpieces. You can customize the keys to create a bespoke setup, and it comes with a battery-free pen that won't die when you're midway through your artwork.

    a person using the drawing tablet in front of their laptop on a desk

    25. 37% off a Theragun Prime that'll help untangle all of your knots and kinks. It comes with a whole slew of attachments for every part of your body, too.

    26. 33% off a Nespresso coffee maker that'll make perfect 'n' delish coffee at the push of a button (no, seriously). You won't need to measure out portions, adjust water levels, or fiddle with any settings — simply pop in the pod of your fave blend, and you're off to the races.

    The Nespresso on a wooden coffee bar

    27. 45% off an Urban Decay Naked3 palette that'll give you a ton of gorge nude shades to play around with. It has metallic, matte, and pearlescent shades so you'll be able to create a ton of fab makeup looks.

    a person holding up the open naked3 palette against a fuzzy blanket

    28. Up to 33% off a set of glass storage canisters if you'd like to give your pantry a Khloe Kardashian-esque makeover. The bamboo lids are completely airtight, so your goods won't go stale before you've had a chance to chow down.

    a set of glass storage containers filled with dried storage goods

    29. 20% off a bougie Breville food processor that'll slice, dice, blend, and mix. It's got stainless steel blades that'll chop ingredients evenly (instead of leaving those chunky bits at the bottom).

    the food processor on the kitchen counter

    30. 35% off a stylish Fitbit fitness tracker that'll help you stay on top of your health stats. It'll keep tabs on all your important metrics, like heart and breathing rates, sleep quality, and even stress levels.

    someone adjusting the settings on the fitness watch

    31. 20% off a Drybar travel blow dryer if you don't have the strength (or the space) for the full-sized shebang. It's still got all the sweet features you want, like two heat settings, a cool shot button, and frizz-fighting ionic tech, with the added bonus of a folding handle that'll make it easy to tuck this gadget into your carry-on.

    the folding hair dryer on a basket

    32. And lastly, 50% off a limited edition Gisou haircare set so you can treat your mane to some TLC this holiday season. You'll get a travel-sized bottle of the brand's cult-fave honey-infused hair oil, plus a polishing primer and a chic wide-tooth comb.

    a top down view of the three-piece gisou hair set

    Me explaining all my pre-Black Friday purchases:

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