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    Black Friday Is Just Days Away, But Here Are 18 Things You Can Get On Sale From Indigo Right Now

    Seasonal decor, crafting supplies, board games, and stocking stuffers galore!

    It's officially Cyber Week! Black Friday is right around the corner, but if you can't wait to snag some sweet deals on goodies for yourself or some gifts for your favourite people, Indigo has already kicked off their sale. With deals this good, things are bound to sell out, so If you see something you like, I recommend grabbing it 😉.

    1. 19% off a vegan leather wallet that'll become your trusty shopping buddy while you run all of your holiday errands. It has a zipper closure, so you won't have to dig for your debit card at the bottom of your purse at the cash register (it's also small enough to keep in your pocket).

    A person holding the wallet in front of their coat

    2. 35% off a Cricut Joy cutting machine for anyone who loves to DIY, but doesn't have the room for another gadget. Its compact size means it can easily be packed away and you can use it to make hundreds of custom projects, including iron-on clothing transfers and one-of-a-kind greeting cards.

    Bianca holding up a Cricut machine while wearing a sweater she made with it

    3. And 35% off a Cricut Easypress so you can make all of your graphic tee ideas come to life. It'll evenly distribute heat and has a timer, so you'll know exactly when your masterpiece is complete.

    a person using the heat press on a canvas bag

    4. 22% off a Great British Baking Show game that'll give any fan a taste of what it's like to compete in the iconic tent. You'll race against the clock (just like the show) to complete a dessert that matches the reference recipes, while avoiding the dreaded "soggy" cards that'll ruin your creation.

    the game cards on a wooden table next to eggs and a rolling pin

    5. 33% off a Bluetooth karaoke microphone so you can finally let your inner pop star shine bright like a diamond. It’s wireless, so you can bring it to a friend's house — or take it along on road trips for your own personal carpool karaoke.

    the microphone in front of a plain background

    6. 35% off a copy of one of TikTok's favourite books The Seven Husbands of Evelyn Hugo that'll have you turning pages until the wee hours of the morning. It's about a Hollywood icon who tells the story of her life to an up-and-coming reporter that she hires to write her biography. The plot twists and turns in so many directions, you won't want to put it down until it's finished.

    Alice holding a copy of the book in her bedroom

    7. 21% off a light-up ceramic house that'll add some festive magic to your book shelf or mantel. The LED lights cast a cozy glow through the windows, and thanks to the minimalist design, you'll wanna can keep it out all winter long.

    the two houses lit up against a plain background

    8. 33% off an LED toilet light that'll illuminate the bowl because let's face it, you make a trip to the bathroom 100 times a night. It's motion-activated, meaning it won't stay lit when you're trying to sleep.

    the light on a toilet with a colour ring around it

    9. 33% off a pair of teddy mittens that'll look oh-so-cute in your annual winter market pics. They have a plush and soft micro-fleece lining to keep your paws at a pleasant temperature, too.

    a person wearing the mittens

    10. 44% off a glass mug with a peek-a-boo cactus if you're a plant parent who never skips your morning brew. Since it's clear, you'll be able to see the aesthetically-pleasing layers of your latte (and the little cactus will reappear as you sip on your java).

    the mug in front of a plain background

    11. 20% off a set of gold bar tools that'll come in clutch during holiday cocktail parties and look great on your bar cart, too. They come with a marble block to sit in when you're not using them, meaning everything will be in reach the next time you want a Negroni sbagliato with prosecco in it (stunning).

    the bar set on a table beside a cocktail shaker

    12. 33% off a pair of ballet flat sweater slippers to keep your tootsies warm. They'll easily fit in a bag, so you can bring them along when you pop 'round to a friend's house and save your feet from freezing on their tile floors.

    A person wearing the slippers on a tile floor

    13. 33% off a sneaker cleaning kit if your favourite pair of kicks are looking a little worse for wear. It comes with everything you'll need to remove scuffs and stains to keep them looking fresh.

    the cleaning kit on a plain background

    14. 33% off an avocado tool for anybody who can't live without their daily avo toast. It'll slice and dice your favourite green veg to perfection without smushing it, and it even has a de-pitter so you won't have to precariously wield a knife to get it out.

    the avocado tool against a plain background

    15. 22% off a faux fur tree skirt if your seasonal decor could use a cozy upgrade. The soft material will be the nap spot for your pets during the holidays and will bring a touch of glamour to the bottom of your evergreen.

    the faux fur skirt around the bottom of a tree

    16. Or 21% off a hammered metal tree collar that'll become a (stylish) fortress for the base of your tree. It'll give your decor a clean modern look, and since it's made of metal it'll be a tad more durable — perfect for homes with snooping kiddos and curious pets.

    the metal collar around the base of the tree

    17. 33% off a Prosecco Pong kit that'll give your favourite party game a ~fancy~ upgrade. Whip it out at the holiday bash for a new spin on a tried-and-true party favourite.

    the pong cups and balls on a plain background

    18. And finally, 22% off a game of Mind the Gap that'll have different generations battling against each other to answer fun trivia questions. Everyone from Boomers to Gen Z-ers can get in on the fun, making it perfect for family game night.

    the box and the cards in front of a plain background

    You scooping up amazing sales before Black Friday:

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