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    21 Products For Anyone Who Is Way Too Excited For The Holidays

    🎶While the merry bells keep ringing, happy holidays to you!🎶

    1. Binge-watch your fave guilty pleasure Hallmark movie with this cozy graphic sweatshirt. Not only is it super soft, but it's machine washable. Say goodbye to those pesky hot chocolate or wine stains!

    2. A set of three embroidered holiday dish towels that'll really help you flex those holiday moosecles.

    3. Get ahead of winter with this bestselling toque that comes in 60 different colours. Why not get one to go with every mood? Or every outfit? The options are endless.

    4. A freestanding electric stove heater with realistic flames and burning logs that's great for adding some vintage holiday vibes without any major renovations. And it's remote-controlled, too!

    5. Michael Bublé's Christmas on vinyl, because he's been defrosting since October and it is now his time.

    6. Deck the halls (and your earlobes) with these silver deer studs. They're cute, festive, and also make a great gift.

    7. Create the magical winter wonderland of your dreams with this pine tree wall decal. Next time you want to take a stroll through a wintry landscape, you won't need to strap on snowshoes or bundle up in all those layers!

    8. These fuzzy slipper socks with non-slip grips that are perfect for anyone who might be running down the staircase at top speed on Christmas morning.

    9. Ho-ho-hope you're ready for this adorable and hilarious pet Santa Claus costume, because it's guaranteed to get you in the spirit of the season. It's not just for dogs, either, so get creative!

    10. This pre-lit holiday garland that comes fully loaded with all the festive ~accoutrements~ to give your home an instant boost of holiday spirit.

    11. This seasonally-appropriate linen-blend pillow case will look great as part of your holiday decor, but won't give you ~festive fatigue~ come the new year.

    12. Spice up the season with this cinnamon spice scented candle that's basically the holidays in a jar. Are you baking something delicious, or just using your soon-to-be new fave candle? Let's just call it our little holiday secret.😉

    13. This pack of 12 tea lights and votives are a great alternative if you're looking for more sparkle, but less scent. It'll still hit all the holiday high notes!

    14. This excellent Christmas card that will remind everyone to keep a sense of humour during a stressful time of the year.

    15. There's snow better way to get in the holiday spirit than with this snow-covered tree. At five feet tall, it's a totally manageable size, and it's pre-lit, too, so you never have to struggle with tangles of string lights for hours EVER AGAIN. That's my gift to you.

    16. This Burt's Bees holiday hand lotion set that'll help take the sting out of the cold weather. The travel size makes them great to have on hand. No more scaly, flaky, dry winter skin!

    17. This glittery snow paste will make all your holiday crafts look polished and professional. If you're planning on crafting some festive picture frames, ornaments, or other decorations, this is your new secret weapon!

    18. A pair of hardworking waterproof Sorel winter boots that'll keep your feet from freezing when the temperature dips, because nothing ruins the holiday spirit faster than chilly tootsies.

    19. A sumptuous set of flannel bed sheets that'll guarantee a ~silent night~.

    20. A V-neck cashmere sweater that'll take you from cuddling by the fire to drinking mulled wine at a holiday market. It's a Christmas miracle!

    21. And this instant snow that's super fluffy, incredibly realistic, and non-toxic. Not suitable for snow ball fights, but 100% suitable for holiday decorating!

    You, gettin' your holiday vibe on:

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