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    Always Late? You Could Probably Use These 18 Items

    "A queen is never late. Everyone else is simply early." —The Princess Diaries.

    1. For starters, this Sonic Bomb alarm clock may be your best option if you're always sleeping in. With red flashing lights, a high-volume alarm sound, and heavy vibrations, even the deepest of sleepers will wake up in a blink. It’s a bit of a rude awakening (if you will), but some of us need it.

    2. A dual breakfast sandwich maker is great for those of us who don't have lots of time on our hands. You expect me to be able to cook, get dressed, and get to work on time?! Luckily, this kitchen appliance can make two breakfast sandwiches in under five minutes, saving you extra time in the morning.

    3. With a bit of Garnier Fructis sleek shot hair treatment, you can cut your hairstyling time in half. I've recently started incorporating this product into my routine by mixing it in with my shampoo and I notice my hair dries quicker, smoother, and shinier.

    4. Let's say you don't have time to blow dry, this set of absorbent microfiber hair wraps will help fight off frizz and dry your hair quickly and naturally. Using this will also help you avoid getting split ends, which we all know is like the WORST thing ever.

    5. A bottle of Batiste dry shampoo will come in handy for those days you’re so late you can’t hit the shower. Instantly refresh your hair by spraying away dirt and grease. It’ll instantly refresh your hair without the need to do a full shampoo, so can rush to work and truly tell everyone you woke up like this.

    6. This hilarious T-shirt speaks for itself. It’ll give your loved ones that friendly reminder that your presence is a dang GIFT (even if that gift showed up late to the party).

    7. If you’re behind schedule, you may as well use a fitness tracker watch to count your steps and heart rate as you rush to your meetings. Are you 15 minutes late? Yes. Have you reached your daily step goal? Yes!

    8. Putting on your bracelet can be hard, but this jewelry helping tool makes it a whole lot easier. Simply click one end down on the jewelry to keep it in place, then fasten the clasp with your other hand. You’ll never struggle to fasten your knickknacks again.

    9. With a touch up exfoliating face and eyebrow razor, you can keep your brows on fleek whilst you hop in your Uber ride. Whip away unwanted peach fuzz and dead skin with this razor that's not only gentle on your skin but easy to use!

    10. Did you know eyeliner stamps exist? You simply stamp one end of the stick to your eye to create the perfect wing, and use the other end to fill out the line. Plus, it’s waterproof and long-lasting, making getting ready anywhere easy-peasy!

    11. I just added this Downy wrinkle releaser spray to my shopping cart and I am STUNNED by the before and after photos. Who has time to iron anymore? No one! Who has time to spray? Everyone!

    12. Never Be Late Again works to teach you seven helpful tricks to ensure you start arriving on time. Your days as the "last one to arrive" are soon to be in the past.

    13. A vacuum-sealed insulated bottle will come in handy whenever you’re on the go. Think about it: late to work but need your coffee? Take it to go! Running late to a party? Take your wine to go!

    14. This simple concealer sponge stick erases dark circles in a matter of seconds. It has over 500 positive reviews on Amazon Canada and is a product I personally use for a quick touch up when I'm low on sleep.

    15. A pack of Listerine tabs are a game changer! These little tablets are essentially chewable mouthwash that explode in your mouth to provide you clean and fresh breath for four hours. Even if you're in a rush and can't brush your teeth, you at least have enough time to pop a mint in.

    16. A portable charger that fits in your pocket will be extra useful when your phone dies unexpectedly. Nothing is worse than running late and having no time to plug into an outlet! Now you’ll be prepared to charge on the go.

    17. This all-in-one razor kit allows you to shave on the go! Got invited to a cocktail party last minute? Your coffee date is now turning into late-night drinks? This travel razor kit will alow you to make instant hair removal decisions on the go!

    18. No time for coffee? An Awake caffeinated chocolate bar will satisfy your cravings. This delicious snack is filled with caffeine to give you that instant pick-me-up when you just don’t have time to wait in line at Starbucks.

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