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    19 Great Gifts For Surprise Guests That They’ll Think You Bought Far In Advance

    You might even want to keep a few of these for yourself!

    1. This Exploding Kittens card game will be a literal game-changer for the board game aficionado in your life (or you can play a "Nope" card and keep it for yourself).

    2. Some Mike's Hot Honey will definitely satisfy the gastronome in your life! This wildflower honey is infused with chili peppers for the spicy-sweet condiment that goes with literally everything.

    3. These leather mittens are lined with soft fleece, and are roomy enough for all hands — no worrying that you got the size wrong! Which also means they're guaranteed to fit YOUR hands... you know, in case you just don't find an occasion to gift 'em.

    4. This Keurig K-Mini is small, but powerful! The sleek shape fits anywhere, which means it'll be a great for a small condo kitchen (or that nook you've been dying to fill with something handy and awesome).

    5. This lotion bar stick are small and incredibly easy to use — just twist up and apply anywhere! The natural formula means you probably won't cause someone to have an allergic reaction, and they come in handy packs of three so you can gift one or two, and keep the rest for yourself.

    6. A wireless charging pad that's universally compatible with almost all phones — it'll definitely charge up your gifting game. It's petite, powerful, and works with phone cases, too!

    7. These flannel baby blankets are perfect for any new parents. The neutral colour scheme will work for any gender (so no stress there!), and if you don't happen to know anyone who's brought new life into the world recently, you can always donate the pack to a women's shelter. They're sure to be well-received!

    8. This Lindt chocolate hazelnut spread that's like the swanky, grown-up cousin to more mainstream brands. It's made with rich Swiss milk chocolate and Italian hazelnuts, but unlike some other brands, this spread doesn't have any palm oil — so you and your conscience can rest easy knowing you're giving an eco-friendly (and delicious!) gift.

    9. A Fujifilm Instax Mini 9 instant camera makes a great gift for the amateur photographer, world traveller, or knick-knack collector. It even has a macro lens adapter for taking close-up shots!

    10. A festive handmade embossing roller pin that'll put a smile on any baker's face. Just think of those stunning shortbreads! The laser-etched design can be rolled onto any dough, too.

    11. A box of classic Ferrero Rocher that'll satisfy any sweet tooth. Is it even the holidays if someone you know doesn't receive a box of these? These crispy balls of heaven are filled with creamy milk chocolate, crusted in hazelnuts, and wrapped in the trademark gold foil. They make an easy one-and-done gift (or a wonderful midnight treat for Santa!).

    12. These red cedar shoe trees that'll be perfect for the snappy dresser. These swanky accessories will not only give them a stylish way to store their favourite footwear, but cedar naturally deodorizes, absorbs moisture, and prevents the wrinkling and collapsing of delicate fabrics. Plus the brass-plated metal adds an extra classy touch.

    13. This Mickey Mouse cartoon patent wall art is a great ode to the early days of animation, and will make a great conversation starter as part of someone's decor. They could also be a funky addition to a child's bedroom!

    14. This highly-rated clothing steamer that makes for a super practical (if not very sexy) gift for just about anyone. We all wear clothes, don't we?!? It has powerful steam to deal with even the wrinkliest fashion emergency, and reviewers love how versatile it is — some people even use it for disinfecting kids' toys!

    15. This adorable utensil organizer that'll help them organize their kitchen accessories by colour, size, shape, or preference. Owl be shocked if they don't love it!

    16. This reversible heated blanket will keep your frostiest friends toasty all winter long — no matter how much snow the Farmer's Almanac is predicting. It has three heat levels to choose from, an auto shut-off after four hours of use, and is totally washable.

    17. This rechargeable handheld percussion massager that'll bust up stubborn knots, sore muscles, and relieve pain in feet, calves, shoulders, or anywhere else on the body. It'll make an awesome gift for anyone who loves getting a good massage, but hates spending that good massage $$$.

    18. This Instant Pot sous vide cooker that'll help any home chef (amateur OR pro!) cook perfect meals every time. This ultra quiet, extra slim, easy-to-use accessory has adjustable cooking times and a wide range of temperature settings so they'll be able to cook everything from poached eggs to filet mignon, no problem.

    19. And this enormous art set in a beautiful wood case that'll put the art in "smart gifting." With 142 pieces, all they'll need is paper and their imagination to create works of art.

    You with all these great gifts:

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