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    25 Useful Gifts For Anyone Who's Obsessed With The Great Outdoors

    Get 'em ready for their next adventure.

    1. A water-filtering LifeStraw that they'll definitely want to bring on their next journey. It's great for backpacking and camping, and is a solid alternative to iodine tablets and bulky purifiers.

    2. A waterproof Bluetooth speaker that has killer sound quality and can withstand even the snowiest and rainiest conditions. It floats in the water, so you don't have to stress if it takes an accidental dip in a lake.

    3. A book of downright gorgeous woodsy abodes that might inspire them to kiss city living goodbye and move into the wild. I mean even if they don't, they'll appreciate the #cabinporn.

    4. A YETI stackable mug to make even their wildest outdoor adventures aesthetically pleasing. It's vacuum insulated, so their drink won't go hot or cold on them in two seconds (important when facing a heat wave or blizzard).

    5. A portable laundry bag that'll give their clothes a machine-level wash in just three minutes. It's basically a must if they like going on lengthy outdoor adventures or backpacking abroad.

    6. A set of colourful outdoor flatware so that they can eat their meals by the fire in style. It comes with a carrying case, so they can just chuck it in their bag when they're done chowing down.

    7. A handy AeroPress device that uses total immersion and pressure to make rich coffee and espresso shots, so they can be their own barista in the great outdoors. It takes under a minute to press coffee, and can make up to four cups at a time.

    8. A waterproof writing set for all their field notes. It can withstand water, sweat, grease, and mud, so they can use it even when the elements aren't in their favour.

    9. A Zippo handwarmer that'll keep their digits warm all winter long. It runs on lighter fluid, so they don't have to worry about finding somewhere to charge it if they're in the middle of nowhere.

    10. A outdoor travel blanket that expands to the size of a towel, but can be folded up tiny enough to squeeze into their pocket. It's perfect for picnics, camping, and everything in between.

    11. A durable log carrier that'll make gathering the supplies for their fire a lot easier. Now they can tote all their logs back to their campsite in one trip without having to go back for more.

    12. A classic Swiss Army Knife that includes a screwdriver, bottle opener, wood saw, and thirteen other tools to help fix almost any problem that they might be faced with on their excursion.

    13. This highly-rated sleeping bag with a mummy-style hood that'll keep them warm and their pillow clean. It comes with a compression sack that they can stuff it into when they pack up their site (no rolling required).

    14. A window screen canopy that'll turn their SUV into a tent. This will make them feel like they're roughing it, without having to deal with setting up a tent or sleeping on the cold, hard ground.

    15. An inflatable sleeping pad that they can put inside their sleeping bag for extra comfort. Now they'll feel like they're sleeping on an air matress without having to lug around an actual air mattress.

    16. A compressible camping pillow that'll make sleeping under the stars so much comfier. It shrinks down to about a third of its size, making it easy to pack.

    17. A handmade fire starter so that they can stay toasty warm even if they run out of matches. It comes with a lanyard that they can wear around their neck so that it never goes MIA.

    18. A hammock with a detachable net so that they can nap in peace without having to swat away a million mosquitos. It can hold up to 500 pounds, so they can probably squeeze in a few people.

    19. A set of ice grips for their boots that'll get them across icy and snowy planes without taking a dive. These slide right over boots or shoes and have a reflective heel that'll keep your pal visible, even during a nighttime trek.

    20. A stainless steel stove that runs on firewood, making it a lot more eco-friendly than most. Reviewers say a few pinecones and some twigs will get water boiling in minutes.

    21. A recipe book for camping that'll help them eat gourmet without overpacking (perfect for the adventure-seeking foodie in your life). It includes full menus, shopping and equipment lists, and tips that'll help you prep before you leave.

    22. An outdoor rocking chair that makes for the perfect fireside seat. It has a built-in beverage holder and padded arm rests for optimal comfort. They'll never want to sit on a log again when they have this baby.

    23. This bestselling hiking backpack with plenty of pockets for all their supplies (including a large one for their sleeping bag). It has a water-repellent exterior coating and comes with a waterproof cover to keep all their treasures dry.

    24. An inflatable kayak that'll make portaging a breeze. They'll never have to lift a heavy canoe over their head again, and they'll thank you for that.

    25. And finally, a two-person tent that sets up automatically so that they don't have to mess around with ropes, stakes, and poles (AKA the most stressful part of camping).

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