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    26 Little Gadgets That Might Actually Surprise You With How Genius They Are

    I give these an A+ for innovation.

    1. This handheld sugar dispenser, so you can precisely sweeten your coffees and teas (sans mess). Thanks to the swappable dispensing mechanism, you'll be able to precisely measure out 1/4, 1/2, or 1 teaspoon, so your morning java will always taste just right.

    A split photo of a person opening the dispenser and then using it to sweeten their coffee

    2. A couple of beauty product spatulas, so you can get the most out of all your fave skincare. There's nothing worse than tossing out a container with TONS of product still left in it — and who doesn't love saving money on expensive beauty products?

    3. This lid and ladle stand, so you can keep your cooking surface clean and uncluttered. Reviewers say it's incredibly sturdy, and love that it helps protect their cooktops from scratches and dings, too.

    The stand holding a pot lid and a soup ladle on a clean countertop

    4. These natural scouring pads that eschew microplastics for walnut shell particles to help you get your dirty dishes sparkling clean. It's a great first step toward eliminating single-use plastics from your routine!

    5. This body shaver that'll make short work of torso tufts, limb locks, and shoulder strands. This baby works just as well wet or dry, so it's perfect for those last-minute trims when you're halfway out the door and you realize you missed a spot.

    A smiling person using the shaver to trim their chest hair

    6. A Scrubbing Bubbles toilet stamp that'll keep your porcelain throne looking (and smelling) fresh as a daisy, while minimizing chore time in the process. And it's super easy to use, too — just stamp it into your toilet bowl and get on with your business!

    7. This collapsible bucket that'll fit up to five litres of sudsy water. According to reviewers, it's an absolute must-have for anyone with a small home, since it folds up basically flat when you're done using it.

    8. A handy sink sling that'll keep your sponges from getting gunky, and keep your counters free of sludgy dish water. The adjustable wire allows you to customize the shape to fit your needs (and your kitchen). Slip it over your faucet, drape it between two kitchen sinks, or even use it in the shower for sudsy loofahs!

    9. This freezable snack box that'll keep your treats frosty until you're ready to indulge. The bag is lined with a freezable gel, so you don't have to cram extra ice packs into overstuffed bags. Plus, it features a handy clip so you can attach it to your backpack or stroller, too!

    10. This baby bath scrubber that'll help make bath time a lot more fun (and less messy). All you need to do is fill the top compartment with soap, and squeeze to dispense! The super soft bristles are extra gentle on skin, too, so you don't need to worry about irritation.

    11. This cute little composting bin that'll help you make the most of your organic waste. The lid features a charcoal filter that reviewers say actually keeps those less-than-pleasant smells contained, too.

    12. A ceramic soap dispenser and brush set that reviewers say has saved them a ton of dish soap and water during post-meal clean-ups. Thanks to the spring-loaded internal mechanism, you'll be able to easily work up a lather (without filling your sink).

    13. This Mason jar juicer lid that'll turn ordinary jars into lean, mean, juicing machines. This baby is genius! It's made of recycled plastic, and features a hidden screen that'll filter out pulp and seeds.

    A close up of the juicer lid on a Mason jar filled with orange juice

    14. These pocket-size soap sheets that'll help you keep your hands clean, no matter where you are. And don't even worry about leakage or annoying messes — these dry sheets are activated with a little bit of water, which reviewers say makes them amazing for camping and road trips.

    15. An expandable organizer that will help you tidy all your cookware when your kitchen cabinets are just chaos. It's designed to fit everything from cutting boards to baking sheets, and since it can be expanded, it's basically guaranteed to fit into every kitchen.

    The expandable cookware organizer laden with tons of pots and pans

    16. This non-stick ice cream scoop, so you can get yourself some delicious frosty dessert without spraining your wrist. Not only does it have a non-stick coating, but the handle is filled with a defrosting fluid that keeps ice cream from clinging to your scoop.

    A person scoops ice cream out of a tub

    17. This collapsible foot soak tub that'll give your tootsies the spa treatment and fold up neatly when you're finished. This baby features handy little rollers and tiny nodes that'll relieve tension like nobody's business. Plus, it has pop-out legs that'll keep it stable the next time you're craving a nice, long soak.

    18. These lightweight fibreglass chopsticks that'll make munchin' on sushi a whole lot easier. They have a hexagonal shape, which means they're less likely to slip out of your hand. And since fibreglass is non-absorbent, they won't suck up food odours or stains!

    19. This floating utensil holder, so you can snag the tool you need during dinner time and free up some precious kitchen real estate in the process. Reviewers love that it's helped them de-clutter their drawers, too!

    The utensil holder mounted under a cabinet and filled with wooden utensils and a stainless steel strainer

    20. These bamboo toaster tongs that'll help prevent singed fingertips the next time you're making breakfast. Thanks to their extra long and ultra-slim design, you'll be able to snag even the smallest slices with ease and grace.

    A person uses the tongs to lift hot toast out of the toaster

    21. A UV disinfecting station that'll kill up to 99.99% of the bacteria that lives on your phone with a quick zap. All you need to do is put your phone (or other tech) into the station — it does all the rest! And it collapses nearly flat, so taking it with you is easy as pie.

    A person sitting at their desk presses the button of the disinfecting pod

    22. This ultra-slim flask that'll tuck neatly into all your pockets for on-the-go hydration. The BPA-free plastic is scratch resistant and extra durable, so it won't smash or dent like glass or metal flasks. Plus, the cap is tethered so you won't accidentally lose it after a few too many stiff ones.

    23. These cake strips that'll help secure your baked desserts and insulate the sides, so you'll have perfectly cooked treats — every single time. It's a simple little gadget that'll prevent annoying baking-related issues, like cracked tops or overcooked edges. I'm not much of a baker, but maybe now I will be!

    A person attaches the cake strips to a baking pan while another perfectly cooked cake rests next to it

    24. These awesome webcam covers that'll fit on basically all your devices and keep you protected from hackers and weird peeping Toms. While there are literally millions of different versions of this product online, I love that these are designed to install only once — they have a handy slider that allows you to use your camera when you want to, and protect your privacy when you don't.

    25. These vacuum seal bottle stoppers that'll keep precious liquids (like wine) tasting fresh long after you've opened the bottle. They're ridiculously easy to use — just pop one of the included stoppers into the open bottle, then use the handheld vacuum to suction out the air and create an airtight seal on the bottle. Done!

    A hand uses the hand-held vacuum to pump air out of a glass bottle

    26. And lastly, this neat charging hub that doubles as a cable organizer, and will help keep tech clutter to a minimum. Reviewers love that they can charge more than ten devices at once!

    I'm just genuinely impressed with how brilliant these are.

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