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    21 Big Solutions To All Of Life's Little Problems

    These are the heroes we deserve AND need!

    1. Protect your last drop of vino with a pack of some wine condoms. These reusable and recyclable accessories sit flush with the top of a wine bottle, and are easy to tuck into your pocket, bag, or even your wallet, for on-the-go protection.

    2. Feeling drained? This bathtub overflow drain cover will make sure every inch of warm, relaxing bathwater counts. It'll transform your ordinary tub into a soaker spa in moments. Just remove it once you're done!

    3. Prevent linty, staticky dryers with these hypoallergenic wool dryer balls, so you can keep your clothes and towels fluffy, fresh, and lint free. Laundry problems = solved!

    4. How much wood you like to use this butcher block conditioner? It quickly restores wooden furniture, cutting boards, salad bowls, or kitchen utensils to their former glory, and prevents dryness, dullness, and cracking.

    5. Revive antique and tarnished jewellery with this all-natural, organic, biodegradable jewellery cleaner. It works on all precious metals, and won't leave any film or trace behind on your now-sparkling possessions.

    6. And if you want to polish your gems at home and ~dazzle~ while on the go, this Diamond Dazzle Stick is definitely the way to do it. The special brush effectively cleans behind diamonds and other stones, helping to restore their natural sparkle without being abrasive.

    7. These Band-Aid hydro seal adhesive bandages will help cushion the blow of annoying blisters. They're specially formulated for minor wounds and blisters.

    8. This leakproof hot water bottle will help ease your aches, soothe menstrual cramps, sleep better, or just get you nice and toasty.

    9. Sharpen your kitchen knives with this super popular little knife sharpener, perfectly shaped to provide the optimal sharpening angle every👏single👏time👏.

    10. Brush away lint, dander, hair, and dust with this reusable lint brush. Unlike traditional lint rollers, there's no refills to buy, and no sticky paper to get tangled in!

    11. This extendable Swiffer duster starter kit has patented trap and lock fibres that will not only capture dander and dust, but will keep them trapped in its fluffy fibres. It's a dust-busting double whammy!

    12. A pack of these reusable furniture movers will make moving furniture a breeze. They're fantastic for helping with quick remodels, or for finally busting those pesky dust bunnies that have been living under your couch.

    13. Keep your hands from freezing during cold weather with these hand warmers. Slip these long-lasting, odourless packets into mittens, boots, coat pockets, or anywhere else you need a dose of heat.

    14. Reach for the sky with this rustproof and lightweight grabber tool. Unlike suction cup grabbers, this one can pick up larger items, like coffee cups, while also being dexterous enough to pick up tiny items, like that pesky crumb that fell behind the stove.

    15. Save your favourite boots from certain doom this winter with these all-natural cleaning wipes. They easily lift mud and salt stains from leather, nubuck, suede, rubber, and fabric without the use of harsh chemicals.

    16. Slip on a pair of these anti-slip silicone nose pads, and keep any eyewear from pulling a disappearing act off your face.

    17. Breathe easier with some Breathe Right nasal strips. These drug-free nasal bands gently lift open your nasal passages and can help with nighttime congestion and snoring.

    18. Keep your pillows clean, allergen and mite-free with these zippered pillow protectors. The densely-woven cotton creates a breathable barrier that won't crinkle or balloon out like other pillow protectors, but ensures that mites, feathers, and dust can't squeeze through.

    19. Think of these adhesive felt pads as a big, soft buffer for your house. They'll protect your floors from heavy furniture, create padding for swinging doors, or soften the sound of squeaking dining chairs.

    20. This USB-powered fabric shaver will protect your sweaters, socks, blankets, scarves, and other linens from pilling and make them look like new. It might be no-shave November, but that doesn't mean your poor, pill-y sweaters have to suffer!

    21. Hang photographs, posters, and artwork without the stress using these Command picture hanging strips. And removal is easy and damage-free, so you can change up your decor as often as you change underwear (dear God, I hope it's every day...).

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