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    21 Products For Anyone Who Wants Everything To Smell Great

    *Long, satisfied sniff*

    1. Some bamboo charcoal air-purifying bags that'll absorb all the bad, mildewy, smokey, sweaty odours and excess moisture from your life. Throw it in the closet, put it in your car, scoot it into your fridge — the possibilities for freshness are endless.

    2. A super-efficient foot deodorant that I'm giving to all the men in my life as a Christmas present so that no one feels individually targeted. It'll keep your feet from getting stinky all day long!

    3. A delicious-smelling strawberry sorbet flavoured EOS lip balm that's petrolatum and paraben free, cute as a button, and also super quenching on chapped or wind-burnt lips.

    4. Oh, and a lychee martini flavoured balm, just because I bought two of these last week. It has notes of raspberry and passionfruit, too. When I tell you it smells like a vacation, believe me.

    5. A bag of dental treats for your doggo because they're SUCH A GOOD DOG but their breath sometimes nearly burns your nose off.

    6. Some lemon-scented cleaning putty that’ll get all the dust settled inside your car vents and the crumbs trapped in your keyboard, and make your car or laptop smell like a lemonade stand.

    7. A multipack of sugar-free mints so you can freshen up your breath anywhere. Seriously, pop a pack in your bedside drawer, one in your car, one in your bag, one in your work drawer so you can stop asking your colleagues for a mint after lunch (looking at you, Mikael).

    8. A germ-killing mouth freshener spray that'll have you smelling minty and smoochable in seconds. It's sugar free and super discreet, so you can carry it in your pocket or in your purse easily.

    9. Some herbal orange tea that tastes AND smells like a dream. I'm literally drinking it right now and it's made my day (which started terribly, BTW) a LOT better. My whole desk area smells like I lit an orange candle.

    10. A metal soap that will magically* remove any odour that your hand wash couldn't. This is perfect if you love using freshly-chopped garlic or onions in your meals, but hate that your hands smell like mom's cutting board for hours.

    11. And if you want to smell extra good, follow with some Delectable hand cream. This pack has four that smell like vanilla, lemon, coconut, and strawberry, and leave your hands feeling smooth and silky like buttercream frosting.

    12. A before-you-go spray that you can spritz 3-5 times in the toilet bowl before doing your stanky business, and there will be no stench after! You can finally take a dump at your date's house. Wild how far science has come, huh?

    13. Some cucumber-melon dishwashing liquid that'll viciously fight the grease on your dishes while reminding you of your early teen cuke-melon days. I don't know about you, but I was a loyal cucumber-melon body splash type, and still am (only god can judge me).

    14. A Body Fantasies cucumber-melon body splash, since we're throwing it all the way back! What the heck, right? I have a bottle in my work desk. 🙃

    15. A set of vegan fizzy bath bombs that all have amazing soothing scents to make sudsy time an extra-luxurious unwinding experience. They have essential oils in them for their soothing properties, and olive oil to leave your post-bath skin moisturized.

    16. A set of seven kinds of incense sticks that you'll love, especially if you're into aromatherapy and meditation. Each box has 20 incense sticks, and each stick burns for an hour. You're set for MONTHS.

    17. Three candles that'll make every room in your house smell like an autumnal paradise. They come in apple cinnamon, pure vanilla, and a delicious apple cinnamon + custard combo. 🤤🤤🤤

    18. But if you have children or pets who are too curious to stay safe around a burning candle, here's a pluggable odour eliminator and air freshener that'll last you up to 1,200 HOURS PER REFILL.

    19. Some coconut and orchid-scented body lotion that's formulated to soften your skin and seal in moisture, all while making you smell yummy. It's a wintertime essential.

    20. A sleek and sexy wooden diffuser that'll bring the calming effect and naturally beautiful scents of essential oils to any space. It changes 14 light colours, so you can sync it up with your mood.

    21. And lastly, some clumping litter with advance odour control, so it's possible to not die from gross smells while being in the vicinity of your cat's bathroom.

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