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    20 Fresh & Cool Products I'll Be Obsessively Checking The Tracking Number On

    My credit card is getting a workout.

    1. A box of earring tape patches that'll lift your lobes and ease the weight of hefty bling. Each patch is nearly invisible and can be worn with hoops, huggies, and everything in between.

    A package of the earlobe tape surrounded by jewellery and makeup

    2. A folding clothes hanger with hidden clips that'll become the MVP of your closet. It's space-saving and can comfortably hang everything from your favourite pantaloons to dressier blouses.

    A trio of folding hangers with clips on a colourful background

    3. A 2-in-1 conditioner mist that'll soften your locks and leave them smelling fantastic, too. It'll protect your mane from heat damage while preventing breakage and reducing frizz in the process.

    4. A mesh laundry bag for your delicates that'll protect your undies during the wash cycle. It'll keep them from getting tugged and pulled by your other clothing and will make them easy to spot when it's time to hang dry.

    Someone holding the mesh wash bag with a pair of undies inside

    5. A reusable eyeshadow shield that'll make you say, "Fallout? I don't know her." The grippy silicone will cling to your skin so you can use both hands to craft your makeup masterpiece.

    A person using the crescent shaped eyeshadow shield while applying eye makeup

    6. A bathroom organizer that'll conceal extra rolls of toilet paper. It has a shelf-like top for hand towels, plants, or cute items and is light enough to move around when you're craving a change of scenery.

    Someone removing a toilet paper roll from the base of the organizer

    7. A lemon-shaped citronella candle that's designed to poke right into your planter. Reviewers say it actually smells fantastic, too!

    A lemon-shaped citronella candle inside a plant pot

    8. An oversized mug that's big enough for your breakfast (or just your morning coffee). Reviewers love using it for soups, too, and say the handle always stays cool to the touch.

    Someone dipping a spoon into the mug; it is filled with oatmeal

    9. A detoxifying scalp mask that'll foam on contact to lift away gross buildup, dead skin, and oil. It's designed to work in just five minutes so you won't have to carve time out of your schedule to treat your scalp (and hair) to some TLC.

    A flatlay of the foaming scalp mask

    10. An eight-piece kitchen set that'll nest neatly into itself when you're not using it. Reviewers say each piece is lightweight enough for people with mobility issues (and is equipped with helpful handles, too).

    11. A cute rustic playhouse so your pet can get cozy without ruining your decor vibes. The roof is made of two flaps that'll make it easy to snatch your fur baby (without having to drag them out the tiny front opening).

    12. A quilted blanket that'll transform into a wrap when you really need to get cozy. It's made entirely of recycled materials and features handy snap buttons to keep it from flapping off at the slightest gust of wind.

    13. A pair of coordinated oil and vinegar bottles you actually won't mind leaving on your counter. The wooden lids have hidden silicone seals that'll prevent drips and spills.

    A pair of porcelain oil and vinegar bottles on a kitchen table

    14. A set of vegan nail polishes so you can treat yourself to a minimalist mani right at home. The neutral shades are designed to work with all skin tones and are remarkably easy to apply (thanks to the brand's extra-wide brush).

    A pair of hands holding up all four shades of the vegan nail polishes

    15. A trio of mini containers that'll pop open in a literal pinch (and are just as easy to close, too). They're perfect for small odds and ends or as a pill case when you're on the go.

    A flatlay of the mini containers

    16. A scoop clip that'll keep your coffee fresh 'til the last bean. The spoon end is designed to easily portion out your java (one scoop = one cup of coffee) so you won't have to do complicated measurements first thing in the morning.

    17. A set of stretchy food covers that'll extend the life of your produce. They'll stretch to fit just about anything and reviewers love that they don't come unstuck or unravelled like plain plastic wrap.

    A set of food covers stretched to fit over fresh fruit and a jar of capers

    18. A five-piece set of cooking utensils that won't absorb smells or flavours. Each piece is made of food-safe silicone that won't scratch your non-stick cookware or break in the middle of meal prep.

    A flatlay of silicone kitchen utensils

    19. A pair of refillable silicone bottles so you can take your fave products with you on your next weekend getaway. They're leakproof and ultra durable which means you won't have to stress about them oozing all over your bag.

    A pair of silicone tubes with a marble design

    20. And finally, a slim water flask you can snap onto your bag or backpack. It's designed to fit in your car door pocket, too, and is made of sturdy BPA-free plastic that won't shatter if you drop it.

    Someone carrying a flat water flask; the bottom half is covered in a silicone sleeve

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