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    25 Things That Will Help Chase Away The Sunday Scaries And Help You Start The Week Off Right

    Cheers🥂 to starting the week off right!

    We hope you love the products we recommend! All of them were independently selected by our editors. Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a share of sales or other compensation from the links on this page if you decide to shop from them. Oh, and FYI — prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

    1. A guide to dealing with daily dreads that will help you honestly tackle your anxieties. Instead of hokey mantras and self-help-isms, you'll be treated to saucy lil' comics and doodles that'll help shift your perspective (and maybe give you a giggle or two).

    Amazon / Via

    Get it from Amazon Canada for $28.71 (also available on Kindle).

    2. A bag of hydrating bath salts if your idea of a perfect afternoon is sinking into a long, hot soak. It contains only natural ingredients (it's scented with rosemary and sweet orange) so you can go ahead and relax without worrying about any adverse reactions.

    A flatlay of a bag of bath salts
    Amazon / Via

    It contains creamy vegetable butters and both Epsom and Dead Sea salts to treat your skin to some majorly healing vibes.

    Get it from Amazon Canada for $24.97.

    3. An extra-large whiteboard calendar so you'll never lose track of a bill payment or appointment. Reviewers say it's big enough to write down tons of details and love that dry erase markers wipe off without any smudging or ghosting.

    A large whiteboard calendar behind a desk
    Amazon / Via

    It comes with two mounting options (push pins and stickers), so you can easily reposition it when you wanna redecorate. It also comes with a small weekly calendar. Don't forget to stock up on whiteboard markers and an eraser, too!

    Get it from Amazon Canada for $38.99+ (available in three sizes).

    4. Or a set of dry erase sticky notes that will help you stay on top of your ever-growing to-do list. Because they adhere to all shiny surfaces — like mirrors, windows, and appliances — you'll always be able to keep them in plain view (instead of lost in your bag or pockets).

    Amazon / Via

    They also come with a dry erase marker.

    Get a six-pack from Amazon Canada for $38.99 (available in two other styles).

    5. A relaxing face mask that'll soothe any stress-related breakouts and leave your skin looking healthy and happy. It's powered by cannabis seed extract, but don't fret — it's non-psychoactive, so you can reap the benefits sans the high.

    Sephora / Via, @origins / Via

    Reviewers say it's super kind to sensitive skin and actually calms down redness and inflammation, too.

    Get it from Sephora Canada for $35. Use code FREESHIPCA to get free shipping on your order.

    6. An avocado plushie that can be used hot or cold to soothe ouchies, boo-boos, and all kinds of aches and pains. It's filled with buckwheat and lavender, which means it'll not only smell great, but it also won't leak all over your stuff.

    A smiling avocado-shaped heating pad
    @gamago / Via

    Pop it in the microwave or freezer, depending on your needs.

    Get it from Indigo for $36+ (available in three other styles).

    7. A little book of affirmations that will help ease your Sunday night anxiety and combat negative thoughts. It contains 52 uplifting affirmations (one for every week!) and is small enough to fit on even the biggest bookworm's shelf.

    The cover of little book of affirmations by ani trime
    Indigo / Via

    Don't expect anything too hokey — this tome may be all about inner peace, but it's packed with practical mantras (like "I am willing to let go of any thoughts of negativity.").

    Get it from Indigo for $17.95.

    8. A set of cooling eye patches that'll help you end your weekend on a ~chill~ note. They're infused with seawater and de-puffing caffeine that'll make dark circles nearly disappear, so no one will know you stayed up too late watching Netflix.

    A person looking into the camera while wearing the under-eye patches
    Sephora / Via

    You can also pop them in the fridge for a few minutes if you want to amp up their efficacy.

    Get a pack of six pairs from Sephora Canada for $29. Use code FREESHIPCA to get free shipping on your order.

    9. An essential oil rollerball if aches and pains aren't on the agenda. It's basically a PMS-fighting, fresh-smelling, migraine-busting, cramp-eliminating miracle that won't leave your skin (or clothes) greasy and sticky.

    A person holds the roll-on between their fingers
    Victoria Kuglin/BuzzFeed

    I know it's ~technically~ supposed to be targeted at PMS symptoms, but in truth, it can be anything you want it to be. I've used it to ease cramps, relieve muscle tension, and as a drug-free solution to headaches. The blend of relaxing clary sage, zippy peppermint, floral geranium, and zesty lemon oil is a genius combination that not only feels great, but smells fantastic, too.

    Check out BuzzFeed's full review of the Blume Cloud 9 Roll-On (it's #11).

    Get it from Blume for $18.

    10. A mocktail recipe book if you wanna make the most of your weekend without paying for it the next morning. Each concoction is designed to balance crisp, fresh flavours while still tasting (and looking) as swanky as the cocktails you know and love.

    A person holding up a book titled seedlip cocktails
    Amazon / Via

    The recipes are also illustrated to help you stay on track.

    Get it from Indigo for $25.

    11. This magical fabric spray that'll refresh smelly fabrics when you don't have the time (or just don't want) to do laundry. It's perfectly suited for all your athletic gear and will even help remove chlorine from bathing suits.

    A smiling person misting their running shoes with the fabric spray
    @stretchwash_ / Via

    You can use it before or after your workout, and the formula's hypoallergenic, too (which means it's safe for all skin types).

    Get it from Free People for $30.48.

    12. A tube of Summer Fridays' iconic Jet Lag mask that'll help you put your best face forward this week. The updated formula is fragrance free and extra kind to sensitive skin — not to mention absolutely stuffed with skin-loving ingredients, like vitamin B5, hyaluronic acid, and niacinamide.

    A tube of the face mask nestled nicely on some wet sand
    @summerfridays / Via

    Reviewers say it leaves their skin feeling soft, supple, and perfectly hydrated (never greasy). 

    Get it from Sephora Canada for $33+ (available in two sizes). Use code FREESHIPCA to get free shipping on your order.

    13. A lavender-infused eye pillow that'll help you find your zen when anxiety makes an unwelcome appearance (rude). It's filled with flaxseed for gentle acupressure and can be used hot, cold, or room temp to soothe headaches and tired eyeballs.

    Someone snoozing on the beach while using the eye pillow on their face
    @bajazen / Via

    The backing is 100% silk, too, so it'll feel oh-so-good on your peepers.

    Get it from Free People for $24 (available in two styles).

    14. A large produce saver that'll extend the life of your finicky veggies and save you from wasting a weekend afternoon at the grocery store. It can fit a whole head of romaine lettuce and has a special tray that'll keep the bottom from getting gross and soggy.

    The produce saving box inside a fridge; it is filled with fresh lettuce
    Amazon / Via

    The CO2 filter is built right into the lid, which means you won't have to fork over more dough every few weeks to keep things running smoothly. 

    Get it from Amazon Canada for $15.88 (available in two sizes and in a set of three).

    15. A bottle of all-purpose cleaner that won't leave your surfaces smelling of chemicals. It works almost instantly, too, so you can spend less time cleaning and more time relaxing.

    Victoria Kuglin/BuzzFeed

    After discovering our bathroom's propensity for mould growth, my partner and I struggled to find a product that would clean our stained grout. We tried every product under the sun — pens, foams, you name it. This one was a last resort and honestly, I was furious I didn't think of it sooner. There was no waiting time, no stink, no skin irritation and, most importantly, no more stains! I sprayed, wiped, and then promptly marveled at our like-new bathroom.

    Get it from Amazon Canada for $2.48.

    16. A set of reusable press-on nails that'll dress up your tips in time for your morning meeting. You won't have to wait for the polish to dry or risk smudging your artwork — just press on and go!

    Free People / Via, @chillhouse / Via

    The kit comes with 24 tips in varying sizes, a dual-ended buffer and file, cuticle stick, and non-toxic glue.

    Get a set from Free People for $20.32 (available in eight styles).

    17. These multilayered pants hangers that'll help you find the perfect pantaloons in seconds (and save you space, too!). The padded arms will keep them from sliding off and can be swung out when you're searching for your favourite pair.

    Someone removing a pair of pants from the hanger
    Amazon / Via

    Each hanger can fit up to six pairs of pants and can be hung vertically or horizontally (depending on your needs).

    Get a two-pack from Amazon Canada for $33.99+ (available in two colours).

    18. A patchwork bucket hat so you can skip wash day in style. The soft, breathable corduroy will help prevent overheating (and wearing a chapeau helps shield your hair from the sun's damaging rays, too).

    Urban Outfitters / Via

    Get it from Urban Outfitters for $34 (available in four colours).

    19. An undated planner that'll make it easier than ever to organize your life. It comes with stickers, colour-coded ribbons, and an illustrated user guide (if you don't know where to start).

    A trio of undated planners on a colourful coordinated background
    @cleverfoxplanner / Via

    Reviewers love that it's packed with helpful prompts to keep them focused on their plans. Plus, there's plenty of space for both personal AND professional goals (because life is more than just your career!).

    Get it from Amazon Canada for $36.99+ (available in 13 colours). 

    20. A wrinkle-releasing mist if you've *just* realized all your outfits are unforgivably crinkly. It'll work on everything from suit jackets to curtains and is totally biodegradable, too.

    A person using the wrinkle-releasing mist on a pair of trousers
    Amazon / Via

    It'll make everything smell fantastic, too, so no one will guess that you've been avoiding laundry day for the last few weeks.

    Get it from Amazon Canada for $25.30.

    21. A pulsating vibrator that'll send you and your bits rocketing into outer space. It's designed to mimic the suction of a mouth and is completely covered in velvety silicone, so it won't poke or prod while you're getting your rocks off.

    The vibrator on a soft towel
    Victoria Kuglin/BuzzFeed

    Sundays should be for self-care, and there's nothing that screams self-love more than a thigh-shaking, earth-quaking solo romp in the sheets. I also love using this with my partner — it's slimmer than similar products, so it never gets in the way while we're getting busy (it doesn't hurt that the orgasms are honestly out of this world).

    Get it from Indigo for $120.

    22. An overnight dry shampoo if you already know you'll be tight on snoozin' time. The activated charcoal and natural powders will absorb into your mane and leave it looking fresh as heck so you won't have to rush through a wash 'n' style in the morning.

    Someone holding up a bottle of the overnight dry shampoo
    @kaianaturals / Via

    It comes in two shades, which means it won't leave behind a chalky white cast.

    Get it from Indigo for $32.

    23. A pair of jewel-toned pillow shams that'll feel as good as your fave T-shirt so you'll actually look forward to bedtime. They're made of 100% cotton so they won't make your noodle sweat while you're catching those zzz's (and you'll actually get a more restful sleep).

    A flatlay of the soft jersey pillow shams
    Urban Outfitters / Via

    Get a pair from Urban Outfitters for $34 (available in nine colours).

    24. An all-natural pillow spray that'll help you ditch invasive thoughts and lull you into a restful sleep. It has notes of snooze-inducing lavender, plus frankincense and hops to help open up your breathing passages, too.

    A person holding up a bottle of the scented pillow mist
    Amazon / Via

    Consider this a lullaby in a bottle.

    Get it from Amazon Canada for $35.07.

    25. And lastly, a Philips wake-up light that'll gently rouse you from your slumber come Monday morning. Instead of a blaring alarm sound, it actually simulates the colours of a sunrise, tapping into the body's natural circadian rhythm and waking you up more peacefully.

    A person turning on the wake-up light
    Amazon / Via

    You can also choose between two different nature sounds or the radio to accompany your personal sunrise.

    Get it on Amazon Canada for $79.97.

    My message to the Sunday Scaries:


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