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    32 Products That Are So Genius, You'll Probably Fall In Love With Them After One Use

    🎵I can't help falling in love with you🎵 — you @ all these items

    1. These nifty shadow shields that'll keep your eye makeup where it should be (on your eyes!) and not dusted all over your face. They have a light sticky coating on the back, so they won't slide around the next time you're trying to nail a smoky eye.

    2. A 2-in-1 silicone whisk that's basically the adult version of a Transformer. A quick twist and you can turn your whisk into a flexible spatula that'll handle delicate items (like fish) with basically zero effort.

    Two hands holding the spatula in two configurations

    3. This black sugar face mask that has over 1,400 reviewers obsessing over its exfoliating and hydrating powers. Instead of harmful microplastics that can be abrasive to skin (not to mention bad for the environment!), this mask uses mineral-rich unrefined sugar to slough off dead skin and give your complexion a healthy glow.

    A flatlay of the open jar of face scrub next to brown sugar cubes

    4. This cast iron care set that'll help get your cast iron pans looking basically brand new. It'll help you remove stubborn rust stains, season the iron, and give it a good ol' fashioned scrubbing, so your cookware lasts for years and years.

    A flatlay of the cast iron cleaning set inside a large clean cast iron pan

    5. This grid-style brownie baking pan, so you can always get the delicious crispy edge of the brownie. It has one continuous chamber for easy filling that actually makes them cook faster, too — which means less time waiting for gooey brownies, and more time enjoying them.

    6. A Scrubbing Bubbles toilet stamp that'll keep your porcelain throne looking (and smelling) fresh as a daisy, while minimizing chore time in the process. It's super easy to use, too — just stamp it into your toilet bowl and get on with your business!

    7. This herb-saving pod that'll keep your aromatics fresh for up to three weeks, so they don't end up turning brown the morning after you buy them. It fits in all standard fridge doors, and the clear top means you'll always know when it's time to stock up on more basil.

    A person pours water into the herb keeper spout to keep the cilantro inside fresh

    8. This key-shaped pocket tool that's TSA approved and positively LOADED with features. It has a universal screw driver tip, a smoking pipe, bike spoke key, a scoring tip, a serrated edge, wire stripper, can opener, file, ruler, AND a bottle opener — it's truly the hardest working tool you'll ever have on your keychain.

    A person holds two key-shaped multi tools on their open palm

    9. This teeny-weeny razor that'll do all the hard work of a regular razor, while being tiny enough to toss into a bag for on-the-go trims and shaves. It doesn't skimp on details, either — the blades are flanked by moisturizing ribbons that'll help prevent razor burn.

    10. This tiny USB drive that'll satisfy your craving for 'za, while giving you a place to stash your most important documents. Because it's so unusual, you'll also have pizza mind that no one will steal it.

    A close-up of a pizza-shaped USB key inserted into a laptop

    11. This acupressure tool that reviewers say has basically eliminated their chronic headaches and sinus pain altogether. Since it's wearable and completely adjustable, you can pop it on and go about your day — set it and forget it, baby!

    A person holds out their hand while wearing the acupressure tool between their thumb and index finger

    12. This incredible shoe-cleaning kit that'll tackle stains and grime on all leather, suede, and nubuck shoes. The results are REAL, y'all — just a take a peek at my years-old Birks and tell me this kit isn't a thing of magic. Reviewers are utterly obsessed, too, saying it's the best shoe cleaner they've ever used.

    13. This magical beverage chiller that'll turn your fave beverage into a cool treat in literally 60 seconds — with zero dilution. It doesn't use any chemicals and you won't need a degree in engineering to operate it, either, making it the *chillest* accessory you'll ever keep in your freezer.

    The beverage chiller next to a glass of iced coffee on a butcher block counter

    14. This turn board designed to help improve your dance technique, strengthen your core, and steady your balance. The small size won't clutter up your space, and you can even tuck it in your bag when you're travelling.

    15. These reusable silicone muffin cups with over 5,000 positive reviews that'll add a pop of colour to your baking, and peel away from cupcakes and muffins with ease (#sosatisfying). They stack neatly, so they won't take up a ton of space in your cabinets, and they can be washed and re-used over and over.

    16. This gravy separator that'll help you trim some of the ~literal~ fat the next time you're making a roast. The built-in trigger makes it easy to drain the delicious stuff, while leaving the fat at the top.

    17. These funky wall hooks, whose sleek design will almost make you forget they're not just decor. The hooks can be flipped up when you're not using them, so you won't get jabbed in a narrow entryway.

    The wall hooks unfolded and holding shawls and a purse

    18. This leather flask that comes with two concealed shot glasses, making it easy to indulge in a cheeky lil' drink wherever you are. The petite size means you could even tuck it into your pocket!

    19. This highly-absorbent doormat that's specially designed to soak up all the water, mud, and dirt your fur baby tracks into the house. Now you won't have to stress about your hardwood floors or lovely carpeting getting gunked up.

    20. These ~sheepish~ little pot lid lifters that will help prevent things from boiling over. They fit securely over the edge of pots to help steam escape (and keep your soups, stews, and sauces from ending up on your cooktop).

    One sheep-shaped silicone lid lifter attached to the edge of a cast iron pot

    21. These adorable little glitter boots for kids that'll light up even the dreariest day. The helpful side handles make it easy for your tot to put these puddle jumpers on themselves, too!

    22. This handy little tofu press that'll help you make delicious pressed soy, just the way you like it. Say goodbye to soggy or flavourless tofu — this little gadget not only squeezes out excess water, but helps marinades penetrate better.

    23. This instructional yoga mat that'll help you practice dancer pose without actually going to a studio. Printed illustrations mean you'll never worry that you're doing the pose wrong — you'll be able to focus on breathing and relaxing your mind instead.

    24. A microgreen garden that doubles as a fish tank. In this closed-looped ecosystem, the plants clean the water and the fish feed the plants, so everyone gets what they need. All you need to do is find yourself a fish to adopt.

    A person plucks some fresh herbs from the top of the microgreen garden while a fish swims in the aquarium below

    25. A double-sided squeegee tool that makes short work of cleaning dry or wet messes. One side has soft, silicone bristles that'll capture any annoying crumbs or beard hairs on the counter, while the other side scoops up spills and condensation.

    26. A handy double dish that'll become your new favourite snack bowl. The removable top section is perfect for for serving munchies, while the larger bottom section catches debris (like pistachio shells, olive pits, or edamame pods).

    A flatlay of the bowl filled with pistachios next to some frosty drinks

    27. A genius shower curtain with mesh pockets that'll solve the age-old problem of bathroom storage. And since it's completely transparent, it'll motivate you to *actually* keep everything tidy.

    The shower curtain hung in a neat bathroom and filled with brushes, towels, and hair products

    28. A kitty litter box that your guests will probably mistake for home decor. Feline bathroom or vintage urn? That's one secret I'll never tell, xoxo.

    A cat emerges from the vase-like litterbox

    29. An adorable tea infuser that's shaped like a lil' Loch Ness monster. Reviewers say that it's a great alternative to traditional metal sieves because it actually keeps the tea leaves inside the strainer (and not floating in your glass).

    Two loch ness tea infusers on a kitchen table with some toast and mail

    30. This flexible drain millipede that will help you snake a clogged drain with ease. The 4,000 micro-hooks will snag any gunk before it causes unfortunate plumbing problems. And with an extendable length of up to 18 inches, it'll wind around any bends and curves with ease.

    31. A set of sleek hanging planters that'll help you keep your plants happy, while freeing up your counters and windowsills. Reviewers love that they're easy to install, and they can actually double as an unusual window covering alternative.

    The planters are hung above a window like a curtain and filled with leafy plants

    32. And lastly, a lettering and calligraphy guide that'll help you upgrade your handwriting from childish scrawl. It's filled with exercises and mini projects — because you can do better than bubble letters. Reviewers love that this guide includes a helpful how-to right off the bat (rather than just blank practice pages).

    A flatlay of the calligraphy book with other stationary scattered around it

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