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    47 Of The Best Beauty Products You Can Snag On A Budget (They're All Under $30!)

    My vibe is best described as "bougie on a budget."

    1. A jar of face cream that's super hydrating, but also light as a feather. It contains snail mucin, an ingredient that'll help soothe redness, irritation, and breakouts, while melting right into your skin.

    a smiling person applying cream to their face

    2. A NYX primer that'll keep your makeup masterpieces locked in place for up to 16 hours. Even though it's perfect for layering under foundation and powder, some reviewers love using it solo to give their natural complexion a dewy finish.

    3. A pack of vitamin C-infused sheet masks that'll give your skin a juicy lil' boost and help fade dark spots and discolouration. They're also packed with fruit-based antioxidants that'll fight damage caused by pollution and toxins.

    Someone holding up one of the sheet masks against a leafy background

    4. Or a combo pack of Garnier sheet masks that'll give you a full arsenal to tackle all manner of skin issues. Whether your face is feeling a wee bit dry from indoor heaeting or you need to detox your sweaty pores, this kit's the one for you.

    a flatlay of the sheet mask combo pack

    5. A tube of Maybelline brow stick that won't fade or smudge when you're sweating up a storm. The formula's infused with collagen and, best of all, won't leave your hairs feeling crispy.

    6. An acne-clearing body wash that'll give your pores a nice, deep scrub. It can banish everything from cystic breakouts to painful folliculitis (and reviewers love that it never dries out their skin in the process).

    someone holding a bottle of the acne-clearing body wash in the shower

    7. A tube of Rare Beauty liquid blush that'll give your sweet cheeks a glowy flush. Reviewers say it's perfect for faking a sun-kissed look and love that it lasts all day (even if you get a touch sweaty).

    A person holding the blush with two swatches on their arm

    8. A bottle of purple shampoo if you prefer your blonde locks icy, rather than brassy. Thanks to built-in UV filters, your gorgeous mane will be protected from the sun, too.

    person holding the bottle of shampoo with a tub of hair mask

    9. A bottle of Sally Hansen cuticle remover so you can skip the nippers during your next at-home mani. It'll dissolve dry skin in under 15 seconds while treating your nails to some good ol' fashioned TLC.

    someone applying the cuticle remover to their nailbeds

    10. A tub of Aveeno Oat Gel Moisturizer if you need a bit more ~intense~ soothing action. Reviewers say it handles eczema flare-ups like a total pro, too.

    the tub of gel open with a glob spread to show texture

    11. A waterproof NYX liner pen that'll stay put, even while you're sweating it up at the gym on your lunch break. The pointed felt tip is great for doing precise line work, so your *flick* won't end up looking wonky.

    Four people wearing different styes of eyeliner

    12. A bottle of L'Oréal protective hair mist that'll shield your mane from the ravages of hot tools. Mist it on before you go in with your straightener or curling wand to lock in shine, help smooth down flyaways, and infuse your locks with some much-needed moisture.

    Bianca holding up the heat spray in a bedroom

    13. A stick of natural deodorant that'll actually make you smell fresh as a daisy. It goes on silky smooth and will keep your sweet lil' pits nice and dry under all your autumnal layers.

    A person holding up two natural deodorants against a simple backdrop

    14. A peel-off eyebrow tattoo gel that'll give you bolder and fuller brows in minutes. The semi-permanent finish won't melt off if things get a wee bit sweaty and reviewers say it's surprisingly easy to use, too, which means you won't need to be a pro to get pro results.

    15. A bottle of Neutrogena hyaluronic acid serum if you're, frankly, sick of shelling out big buckaroos to keep your skin happy. Because it's non-comedogenic, you won't have to worry about it making your poor skin break out in a zillion zits.

    16. A tube of multipurpose cream pigment that'll dress up your features with a juicy pop of colour. It'll dry down fast and is completely waterproof, so it won't budge (even if Mother Nature throws ya for a loop).

    17. A mattifying facial roller that'll keep your face from turning into a shiny, greasy mess. The secret is the volcanic stone — it'll sop up all that extra oil, so it won't cause any annoying zits to crop up.

    18. A bottle of Pattern curl mousse if your ringlets aren't quite as *bouncy* as you'd want them to be. It's packed with hydrating ingredients, but won't weigh down your look, so you can enjoy springy, shiny tresses without any flakes or crunch.

    a person holding a bottle of the curl mousse

    19. A tub of cooling moisturizer because slushies aren't just for sippin'. Leave it in the freezer and watch the texture transform — then just slather it onto your hot face any time you need to ~chill~.

    20. A NYX brow tint pen that'll mimic the effect of microblading (without all those scary needles). It's richly pigmented and has a super-fine tip that reviewers say is perfect for drawing on wispy strokes with basically zero effort.

    a person holding up three brow pens with tiny hair strokes drawn on their hand

    21. A bottle of micellar water shampoo if your strands are looking seriously weighed down as of late. It's ideal for washing away any lingering impurities (or product buildup) without having to worry about draining your mane of every drop of moisture.

    a person holding up a bottle of the micellar water shampoo; it has a slim nozzle tip

    22. A bottle of Tower 28 facial spray that'll calm down even the feistiest skin. It's pH-balancing, fragrance-free, and non-drying, so you can mist it on as much as you like when you get a little too much sun or you have a bad reaction to a new skincare product.

    23. A bottle of niacinamide and zinc serum by The Ordinary if you wanna fight back against zits (sans popping, OFC). It'll absorb extra oil and reduce redness in the process, so any pimples that come up won't look quite so angry.

    24. A set of coffin-shaped press-on nails if your polishing technique could be described as "shaky at best." Reviewers say they're the perfect length for everyday wear and have impressive longevity, too (like, over a week's time).

    a close up of the medium length coffin-shaped press on nails

    25. A jar of the cult-fave Laneige lip mask that'll work while you snooze to give you a smoother and healthier pout. Even though it's definitely more intense than a balm, it'll never feel goopy or thick (unlike many overnight lip products).

    A person holding a jar of the lip mask up to their face

    26. A bottle of Mane Club hair oil that'll infuse dry, crispy strands with silky-smooth moisture. Plus, the formula's free of any heavy, synthetic ingredients that might leave your mane looking a lil' lank.

    Alice holding the bottle of hair oil

    27. A jelly eye mask that'll make you feel like the Caped Crusader — and give you softer, smoother skin to boot. The non-comedogenic formula (read: no breakouts!) specifically targets tired, frazzled skin around the eyes, giving it a hydrating refresh in just 15 minutes.

    A person tears open the top of the jelly eye mask packaging

    28. A tube of 2-in-1 cheek and lip tint you can build and blend in seconds. You'll get serious colour payoff, and since it's long-wearing, you won't have to worry about it fading midway through your day.

    29. A bottle of pH-balanced body wash that's gentle enough to use on your whole bod (even down south). It's powered by colloidal oatmeal and ceramides, helping to relieve itching and irritation every time you lather up.

    a person squeezing the tube onto their knee

    30. A tube of Maybelline Sky High Mascara that'll stretch even the teensiest lashes to the high heavens. Reviewers say just one coat will work wonders and that it doesn't leave any clumps behind.

    A before and after showing the mascara makes a BuzzFeed writer's eyelashes look much longer

    31. A pack of nearly-invisible pimple patches that'll help you zap that zit and get on with your day. Reviewers say they not only suck up gunk better than pricier patches and treatments, but that they also flatten the area, so your concealer will go on smooth and silky.

    A smiling person wearing the pimple patches on their cheek

    32. Or a pack of oversized pimple patches that are big enough tackle uncomfy body breakouts. They can be snipped into all kinds of shapes and sizes so zits won't have anywhere to hide.

    33. A tube of 3-in-1 Tarte lip balm that'll give your smoocher some serious shine (oh, and also hydration!). Best of all, you won't need to lug around a hundred lip products the next time you're outta the house.

    Bianca holding up the plumping gloss and plain gloss against a wall

    34. A trio of Garnier reusable cotton pads if you're looking to go more environmentally-friendly with your routine. Pairing them with some micellar water will help you scrub away every last speck of makeup (even the long-wear kind).

    person holding the pad

    35. A keratin treatment that'll keep your nails and cuticles from turning into bleeding, peeling messes. It uses jojoba oil and keratin proteins to help your talons grow long and strong, while supporting and hydrating your nail beds.

    36. A cooling facial spray if your face is always too hot to handle. Thanks to green tea, cucumber, and peppermint, you'll get a refreshing spritz of hydration that'll even help prevent breakouts, too.

    A bottle of the facial mist in front of a bunch of flowers

    37. A tube of Bioderma eye gel that's specially designed to be kind to sensitive skin. The addition of caffeine and hyaluronic acid will keep your under-eyes hydrated and happy (not to mention de-puffed).

    tube of eye gel with three drops pushed out

    38. A bottle of texturizing dust that'll give your strands some major lift and keep your look from falling flat throughout the day. It'll never clump your hair together or leave it looking greasy, so you go ahead and layer it on whenever you want a lil' extra ~oomph~.

    39. A set of NYX false lashes that'll make everyone think you invested in a set of swanky extensions. These ain't your mama's strip lashes — thanks to their whisper-thin band, they'll feel comfy the whole time you're rocking them (and they come with a storage case that you can pop 'em in when it's time to peel 'em off).

    40. A tube of scalp-detoxing hair mask if you've been rocking dry shampoo non-stop, but hate the residue. It doubles as a fantastic conditioner, giving locks a seriously soft and volumized finish.

    a tube of the mask on a patterned towel

    41. A pack of makeup puffs that'll give your skin an airbrushed finish. Reviewers say they've ditched their other blenders and sponges entirely, thanks to these.

    The puffs laid out on a table

    42. A jar of Mario Badescu silver powder if your pores are absolutely stuffed with stubborn goop. The combo of kaolin clay, zinc oxide, and calcium carbonate will help suck out the build-up, while shrinking the appearance of your pores and mattifying your complexion.

    43. A Milk Makeup eyeliner pencil that might convince you to ditch your liquid formula (no, really!). It's a dream to apply, and even has a hidden smudger on one end if you're in the mood to blend things out and treat yourself to a smoky eye.

    victoria holding up the eye pencil to her face and showing a soft winged eyeliner look

    44. A 15-piece set of makeup brushes that'll give you all the tools you'll need to create a flawless look. Reviewers love how dense and soft the bristles are and say they don't shed (even after a good scrubbin').

    a flatlay of the neon coloured makeup brushes

    45. A tube of Maybelline Lash Sensational Mascara that'll help your lashes reach their full potential and lock👏 in👏 that👏 curl👏. It'll go on like a dream and won't get cake-y if you decide you want a bolder look.

    46. A marker-tip lash and brow serum that'll be a breeze to apply. You won't need to mess around with goopy brushes or spill-y pots — simply click the bottom to fill the tip with serum and you're off to the races.

    victoria holding up the eyelash serum pen

    47. And lastly, a tub of Wet 'n' Wild translucent powder that'll set your makeup and keep your look locked in during all your holiday shenannies. And no worries about caking — you can reapply it throughout the day without having to stress about things getting chalky or clumpy.

    Bianca holding up the jar of translucent powder with the lid cracked open

    Tucking the rest of my money back into my wallet, because these are all budget-friendly: