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    Amber Liu Read Your Thirst Tweets And Wants You To Know She'd Rather Go On A Nice Date First

    "One thing is for sure...I kiss better than K-drama oppas."

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    Fresh off the release of her newest album, Y?, we invited Chinese American singer, rapper, and songwriter Amber Liu to read the internet's thirstiest tweets about herself!

    Understandably, she had some hesitations before diving into the tweets.

    Amber with the caption "I'm nervous..."
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    She also wanted to make it clear that she prefers wholesome activities (like getting boba!) over certain things her fans were suggesting...

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    Watch the video below to see how she handles reading what her thirsty fans have to say about her!

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    If you can't get enough Amber, make sure to stream her album Y? and watch her music video for "Neon."

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