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Sarah Han One day ago

Eric Nam, Self-Proclaimed "Most Soft Marshmallow, Nice Boy" Read Some Of Your Thirsty Tweets, And Hilarity Ensued

"I've never had anyone speak to me in this way, but I like it. I'm all about it."

Sarah Han 3 days ago
Sarah Han 17 days ago

Stephanie Poetri Told Us About The First Time She Realized "I Love You 3000" Went Viral, And I'm 100% Rooting For Her

"That was when I really thought, 'Ok, this is real, guys. I'm not in a dream.'"

Sarah Han 2 months ago

K-Pop Group Seventeen Showed Off All Of Their Charms During A Game Of "Who's Who"

Hoshi/everyone: "It's Mingyu Day!" Mingyu: "I'm so tired."

Sarah Han 3 months ago
Sarah Han 4 months ago
Sarah Han 5 months ago
Sarah Han 8 months ago

Jackson Wang Answered Fan Questions While Playing With Puppies, And It Was Cuteness Overload

There are lots of puppy kiss attempts. LOTS. You're welcome.

Sarah Han 8 months ago
Sarah Han 8 months ago
Inga Lam One year ago

Monsta X Played With Puppies While Answering Fan Questions And OMG, We're All Dead

Yeah, you could say we feel a little ~jealousy~ towards the pups, but we're ~all in~ for this adorable concept!

Sarah Han One year ago

We Tried To Make The Most Difficult Macarons

Spoiler: it was way harder than she expected.

Kirby Beaton One year ago
Inga Lam One year ago

An Irish Chef Reviews "Irish" Food

"Even though Lucky Charms are the most American version of Irish food... I'm not opposed."

Logan Rhoades One year ago
Inga Lam One year ago

Terrible Cooks Tried Meal Subscription Boxes For A Week And Loved Them

"If I can do what my mom is doing, then I've become an adult."

Inga Lam One year ago

45 Movies That Are Complete And Total Mindfucks

Nothing will ever be the same again.

Inga Lam 2 years ago

If You've Done 27/37 Of These Things, You're A Terrible Roommate

I should start writing my apology letter now...

Inga Lam 2 years ago

29 Things That Are Too Damn Real For People Raised By Asian Parents

"If at first you don't succeed, don't come back home."

Inga Lam 2 years ago
Inga Lam 2 years ago

17 Times "Chopped" Got Too Damn Stressful

“The meat isn’t quite done, but it’ll finish cooking out of the oven if I put enough sauce on it.”

Nora Dominick 2 years ago