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Sarah Han • 12 days ago
Sarah Han • 2 months ago

Jackson Wang Answered Fan Questions While Playing With Puppies, And It Was Cuteness Overload

There are lots of puppy kiss attempts. LOTS. You're welcome.

Sarah Han • 3 months ago
Sarah Han • 3 months ago
Inga Lam • 10 months ago

Monsta X Played With Puppies While Answering Fan Questions And OMG, We're All Dead

Yeah, you could say we feel a little ~jealousy~ towards the pups, but we're ~all in~ for this adorable concept!

Sarah Han • 10 months ago

We Tried To Make The Most Difficult Macarons

Spoiler: it was way harder than she expected.

Kirby Beaton • 11 months ago
Inga Lam • One year ago

An Irish Chef Reviews "Irish" Food

"Even though Lucky Charms are the most American version of Irish food... I'm not opposed."

Logan Rhoades • One year ago
Inga Lam • One year ago

Terrible Cooks Tried Meal Subscription Boxes For A Week And Loved Them

"If I can do what my mom is doing, then I've become an adult."

Inga Lam • One year ago

45 Movies That Are Complete And Total Mindfucks

Nothing will ever be the same again.

Inga Lam • One year ago

If You've Done 27/37 Of These Things, You're A Terrible Roommate

I should start writing my apology letter now...

Inga Lam • One year ago

29 Things That Are Too Damn Real For People Raised By Asian Parents

"If at first you don't succeed, don't come back home."

Inga Lam • One year ago
Inga Lam • One year ago

17 Times "Chopped" Got Too Damn Stressful

“The meat isn’t quite done, but it’ll finish cooking out of the oven if I put enough sauce on it.”

Nora Dominick • One year ago