8 Reasons Why You Should Visist Saul Goodman’s Webpage

That is bettercallsaul.com. Remember kids, “Better Call Saul”!

‘Better Call Saul’, the spinoff show of ‘Breaking Bad’, will air this year and it has its own webpage. AMC just announce the premiere will be on November, though they did not say when specifically.

1. Saul’s Promotional Videos

The videos show Saul talking about why you should call him right now, as well as many of the services being offered.

2. Ads

bettercallsaul / Via bettercallsaul.com

Particularly the ones from ‘Los Pollos Hermanos’ and ‘Beneke Fabricators’.

3. Video testimonials of satisfied customers

“And then, bam! Saul Goodman shows up. He’s like, get out of here cop, because of the Constitution”, says Jesse Pinkman’s friend, Badger.

4. ‘Se Habla Español’ link

bettercallsaul.com / Via bettercallsaul

If you click on the link, Saul will pop-up talking in decent Spanish to his customers in the Latino community. The best part is when he tries to say his phone number in Spanish, but shortly fails to do so and goes back to English.

5. Office webcam

You can get a ‘live’ streaming video of Saul Goodman’s office. In the video, you can see Saul working really hard (not really) for his customers, and getting a blow-job from a random lady.

6. Saul Goodman’s E-cards

Just what your friends need! Saul’s business cards for all their legal inquiries.

7. Saul’s Philanthropic Causes

If you click on “Check out Saul’s Philanthropic Causes” you’ll be directed to the webpage Walter White Jr. created to try to raise money for the lung cancer operation of his dad. RIP

8. Legit Law Firm ads

Many ads on bettercallsaul.com are fake. But they’re some that are completely legit, like to one from the guys at Brown and Couppen.

In case you were wondering, Saul’s number is (505)503-4455. Just call him for a free appointment.

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