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OdeclasV 5 years ago

8 Reasons Why You Should Visist Saul Goodman's Webpage

That is Remember kids, "Better Call Saul"!

OdeclasV 5 years ago

Chuck Norris Attempts Jean-Claude Van Damme's Epic Split

This is Chuck Norris. Doing a split. Between two airplanes. Enough said.

OdeclasV 5 years ago

Brasil 2014: 32 Selecciones, 32 Apodos Diferentes.

La Albiceleste, Les Éléphants, Les Bleus, La Furia Roja, o la Auriverde. Faltan 176 dias para El Mundial Brasil 2014. Nunca es demasiado temprano para empezar la fiebre del futbol.

OdeclasV 5 years ago

University Student Creates A 'Telenovela' For Her Spanish Class. Officially Best Homework Ever

Julie Bryan directed, starred, and wrote possible the best Spanish assignment ever, El Amor de Mi Amante.

OdeclasV 5 years ago

Why We Should Learn English From The Japanese

This Japanese TV channel found a way to teach people English by mixing PowerRanger moves and women in gym outfits. The results are educationally mind-blowing.

OdeclasV 5 years ago

Las 5 Mejores Cuentas De Surf En Instagram

Sigue estas cuentas en Instagram. Renuncia a tu trabajo. Ve a la playa.

OdeclasV 6 years ago