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Cher Is The Goddess Of Pop (And Everything Else In The World)

From her four-decade musical career to her genius Twitter account, there are many, many reasons to appreciate the wonder of Cher.

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Oh, hello there.




But by the mid-1970s, the Goddess of Pop would begin to fly solo...and it would totally fucking rule.


Her early musical career was a flurry of glitzy costumes, ~controversial~ songs about race, gender issues, and divorce, and, as always, that amazing hair.

All of these characteristics are present in "Half Breed," a video about a white woman of Native American descent.

And, like, did you SEE her in Mask?


She basically WAS the movie. Human Being test: You either sobbed your face off when she said, "Now you can go anywhere you want, baby," at the end, or you're not a person.

In other news, she has a black orchid tattooed on her junk.


If you weren't aware of this seductive and mysterious ink before, you sure as hell aren't going to overlook this amazing fact ever again.

As if her body art weren't enough, she's got a very special sense of style in terms of clothing, too.


As evidenced by not only these sunglasses, but basically everything else she's ever worn.

She understands the innate human desire to be pantsless on a boat.


As evidenced by the iconic video for "If I Could Turn Back Time," which is pretty much the gold standard for music videos.

And she's not afraid to dress up as Elvis on a lark.


This is a perfect combination of two of the greatest people ever, and I'm all for it. (Although I'm not sure Elvis would have worked that exact pair of embellished jeans, but whatever.)

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