Cher Is The Goddess Of Pop (And Everything Else In The World)

    From her four-decade musical career to her genius Twitter account, there are many, many reasons to appreciate the wonder of Cher.

    Oh, hello there.




    Get ready, because we're about to have a Cher-abration.

    So gather your closest friends and get ready to believe.

    Her majestic career began in the '60s with Sonny Bono and enormous hair.

    But by the mid-1970s, the Goddess of Pop would begin to fly solo...and it would totally fucking rule.

    All of these characteristics are present in "Half Breed," a video about a white woman of Native American descent.

    And while she's continued to care about The Issues throughout her musical career, she also just sings about being strong and independent.

    But that's not all Cher's about — she's a brilliant actress, to boot.

    And, like, did you SEE her in Mask?

    Obviously, Cher is also an icon in the LBGT community.

    I mean, as if that wasn't abundantly clear from every extant picture and video of her.

    In other news, she has a black orchid tattooed on her junk.

    As if her body art weren't enough, she's got a very special sense of style in terms of clothing, too.

    Like, who else could pull off whatever it is that's happening here?

    And just look at her smiling in her fur hat.

    But what really cements her as the world's most lovable human is her Twitter account.

    Like, it's really just the best.

    She understands the innate human desire to be pantsless on a boat.

    And she's not afraid to dress up as Elvis on a lark.

    And the truth is, CHER CARES, Y'ALL.

    Her kind spirit is just one of many reasons why she gets to hang out with the president.

    So, in conclusion, please look at this amazing picture of Cher pulling off an amazing rollerskate trick.

    And recognize that she is the reigning queen of campy pop fabulosity.

    Okay, glad we had this talk. See you later!