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14 Cute DIYs To Make An Old Band T-Shirt Cool Again

How is it that all of your concert t-shirts are, like, XXXXXXL? Here's how to make 'em look great.

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The thing is that buying merch from a band is one of those lovely, rare situations in life that benefits EVERYONE, like a charity car wash or the general existence of nachos. It's great because you're helping support an artist you love, which allows them to keep doing what they're doing. That said, it really sucks to drop $25 on the perfect shirt, then end up relegating it to the pajama drawer because it just doesn't look good on you. Well, NEVER AGAIN. There are solutions in the form of super-easy DIYs that will transform even the biggest, ugliest shirt into something unique and flattering. Best of all? You'll most likely be the only person on Earth to have anything like it.