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8 Things Amazon FBA Sellers Should Do Today

Anyone who's willing to put in a little time and effort can create a new income or even replace their job (down the road) by selling on Amazon. Ebay? Meh. According to Web Retailer, Amazon has more than 4x the amount of sellers that make a million sales compared to Ebay. If you sell or want to sell on Amazon, make sure to keep these nine things in mind.

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List Fast Selling Items


Sell popular items to move them fast. One pretty quick way to tell if an item normally sells fast is to look at the reviews. How many are there? Are there a lot? If so, how many are recent? If there a lot of recent reviews, then it probably moves fast.

Double Cross Check UPC to Your Item / Via

Don't assume just because a UPC code is found that it's the same product. The manufacturer could have made changes or improved the product in some way without changing the UPC code – that means if you do sell that item, customers won't get what they thought they were getting and you're probably looking at returns and bad reviews.

Replenish Alerts


Don't let this happen, but don't overstock either. Use replenish alerts wisely to send in products just in time to prevent running out of stock. Yes, this means putting in some research, tracking and work to know how long it takes you to get your products and get them to Amazon. But it'll reduce storage fees and your stock investment.

Quick Contact After Purchase / Via

Always initiate contact with a buyer to say thanks and to ensure they're happy with their purchase. This gives you opportunity to fix any problems before negative review is left and if all is good, an opportunity to ask them to leave a review. Most buyers don't leave a review if nothing was wrong, but you'd be surprised what you get by simply asking. Some sellers like to employ the help of places like Feedback Five for this.

Say Yes to FBA!


Take advantage of FBA. Many potential customers are more likely to purchase and most sellers will sell significantly more using FBA. Yes, fees are higher but that's more than likely to be offset by the increase in sales. Plus it gives you more time to focus on finding profitable product opportunities and handle customer interaction instead of packaging up boxes everyday.

Don't Let Hidden Money Get Away

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Be a master of inventory. Always know what's going on, orders that may have been over credited (or not credited at all) to a buyer, late returns, inventory that hasn't been reconciled and even – yikes, FBA fees that aren't correct. It can be tedious, but worth it. If it's too much, use something like Refunds Manager to make it simple and streamlined.

Go Pro

If you haven't already, consider going pro. This lets you add new, unique items to Amazon (which, if you remember, means you always get the buy box). Your price limit goes up. You get better reports and you can add listing in bulk vs. one by one.