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  • 20 Fun Facts About Ford Motor Company

    When it comes to the history of the automobile, the first notch in the timeline starts with Henry Ford. Since he opened the Ford Motor Company in 1902, the world has seen more makes and brands of different automobiles than one person could ever imagine. From producing vehicles for the public, to helping with military equipment, the Ford Motor Company has seen it all. While the Ford Motor Company has seen some rough times in the past, the most recent being financial problems, the company still stands as a brand that takes the leading position in the car manufacturing industry. The following is a list of interesting facts you may not know about the legendary Ford brand.

  • 14 Super Cool Examples Of Companies Using Custom Software

    Custom software is becoming the new norm in the business world. With so many ready-made software available in almost every field, it’s easy to see why companies were accustomed to choosing standard software options, but now companies are seeing that custom software is offering exactly what they need for their company’s purposes. They gain some control and they finally have ownership over the software that is running their business. When general software doesn’t quite fit, forcing companies to change the way their business works or when companies want that competitive advantage of using custom software, it’s a no-brainer that custom software is the way to go. You can see many ways custom software can fit into your business model at this website. Here is a look at some companies that have taken the leap of faith and it’s paying off.

  • 8 Things Amazon FBA Sellers Should Do Today

    Anyone who’s willing to put in a little time and effort can create a new income or even replace their job (down the road) by selling on Amazon. Ebay? Meh. According to Web Retailer, Amazon has more than 4x the amount of sellers that make a million sales compared to Ebay. If you sell or want to sell on Amazon, make sure to keep these nine things in mind.

  • Awesome Roofs That Do More Than Cover Your Head

    Roofs are often the most neglected part of the house, something we worry about only when the wind blows off a tile or two during a big storm. But roofs can also be solar energy generators, valuable eco systems and excellent rainwater harvesters. In short, your roof could be the key to reducing that carbon footprint and behaving in a more sustainable, and ultimately cost-effective, way.

  • 21 Of The Worst Design Fails Shared In 2014

    From make-your-eyes-burn web design, to construction and building that make no freakin’ sense, to signs and products that should have never been made… These fails that David Markovich and I put together will make you wonder what they were smoking when they designed them.

  • 5 Common & Despicable Holiday Season Scams

    With the holidays upon us and the start of a new year, it’s only natural for scammers to start coming out of the wood work. This means more robbers, scammers and thieves trying to take advantage of the busy season and profiting off of scamming both customers and businesses every chance they get.

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