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    10 Creative Ways To Repurpose (or Recycle) Common Household Items

    Put your old stuff to good use in a fun, creative way!

    CD’s & DVD’s

    Make it Easy Crafts / Via

    What to do with all those old CD’s and DVD’s piled up in boxes in the basement? Don’t throw ‘em out. Even if you’ll never use them, if they’re busted and scratched. There’s tons of cool things you can do with them. This beautiful mosaic flower pot is just one of them. More ideas here. Or if you aren’t the creative type, you can recycle them at GreenDisk.

    Light Bulbs

    Burnt out light bulbs? Don’t trash them. Make beautiful art, candle holders or even salt and pepper shakers! Lots of fun ideas here.

    If you have energy saving light bulbs to get rid of, you might be able to do so at LampRecycle.

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    The Prairie Homestead / Via

    Egg cartons are great for storing small items like earrings, paper clips or art materials. But you can find tons of more creative ideas here.


    Wikipedia / Via

    If you have old tennis shoes you need to get rid of, will use the materials to create athletic and playground flooring. Or if you prefer, and they’re still in decent shape, you can donate them to and they’ll give them to someone in Haiti, Latin America or Africa who needs shoes.


    Wikipedia / Via

    Download the DailyRoads Voyager app to an Android device, attach it to your windshield and you have an instant dashcam. Or if you’d rather just recycle it, you can use OnRecycle.


    The Owner Builder Network / Via

    More than 15 million bicycles are thrown out every year in America. That’s a lot of bikes piling up in the dump for no reason. You can donate them locally or to Bikes of the World, who will fix them up and donate them to people in other countries who would otherwise not be able to afford one. Or you can get creative and turn them into lots of things as seen here.


    Slap Dash Mom / Via

    Heaven knows you can end up with an entire drawer full of bras before you find the perfect fit. But with a little inspiration you can transform them into really cute little purses as seen above, from SlapDashMom. Again though, if you’d rather just get rid of them, there’s actually a recycling program specifically for bras at


    Aunt Peaches / Via

    Crayons, crayons, crayons. If you have kids, you probably find them everywhere. Under the couch cushions, in drawers, in the bottom of the toybox. Take all those stubbies and turn them into something awesome like AuntPeaches did above. Many more ideas:

    JEANS / Via

    There’s more to old jeans than just cutting them off into shorts or using them for rags. Make festive little pom poms like the ones above from ZakkaLife. Many more ideas can be found here.


    Aqua Hobby / Via

    Pull out that old TV from the shed and turn it into something useful like this aquarium (above) from AquaHobby or find a recycler that can safely handle it (CRT TV’s require special handling).

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