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    I'm Very Confused By This Photo Of Iggy Azalea With Darker Skin, And I'm Not The Only One

    Here we go again.

    Iggy Azalea is being accused of Blackfishing, so it must be a day that ends in Y.

    Iggy wearing leather crop top and snakeskin print pants as she walk outside
    Will / GC Images / Getty Images

    The musician is under fire again. This time for a picture of her on The Shade Rooms' Instagram with what looks like a much darker complexion.

    Iggy walking up steps in her natural lighter complexion
    Will / GC Images / Getty Images

    The post came as part of a sponsorship for FashionNova, and people were quick to comment on her skin tone.

    One person remarked that she's trying to look Black "so desperately."

    They also said "we can't have nothing...not even ourselves BYE"

    And more agreed.

    come look what Iggy doing now! She wants to be in the gang so damn bad issa no for me!"

    A different person gave credit to her Australian roots, but still isn't buying it.

    Australians do tan really well..but, girl, you have tanned past your natural abilities! [crying laughing emoji]

    This person called her “tan” out for what it is: Blackfishing.

    The ULTIMATE BlackFish

    Last week, Iggy received similar complaints for doing the same thing in her new music video for the song "I Am the Strip Club."

    Her response on Twitter to the backlash was: "I’m the same color as I always am, just in a dimly lit room with red lights," she shared. "It’s the same makeup from every other part of the video just with a smokey eye and different wig. Just ignore them, who cares? Let em talk."

    So, I guess, keep talking...?

    Tristar Media / Getty Images

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