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    19 Products That Had Such Great Reviews, I Actually Had To Try Them For Myself

    ...I couldn't help it

    1. This vitamin C serum has helped to fade my acne scars when nothing else could!

    2. And this NIP+FAB Dragon's Blood Plumping Serum *properly* hydrates my skin without making it oily.

    3. These genius little dots work to heal spots overnight and during the day.

    4. Trust me, I'm a lot happier with this microwavable heating pad than I look here.

    5. This jade roller and scraper set has changed the face of my evening skincare routine.

    6. This dry body brush keeps my skin feeling soft and is so comfortable to use.

    7. This foundation brush is dense yet soft and blends makeup perfectly.

    8. I discovered this super fast-drying top coat and haven't had a bad nail day since.

    9. This Denman large paddle brush is a life saver for my tangle-prone hair!

    10. I bought this ionic filter shower head and my pipes are eternally grateful.

    11. It might look like a dried packet of noodles, but this soap saver makes my soap last for ages and stops it from getting slimy!

    12. This bubble bath gelee makes my bathroom feel like a spa.

    13. This dead sea face mask is the ultimate pamper night treat.

    14. This mini Bluetooth speaker is surprisingly powerful.

    15. I don't know how I ever managed without this magnetic phone holder in my car.

    16. This motivational water bottle helps me to make sure I'm drinking enough throughout the day!

    17. This is hands down the best umbrella I have ever owned!

    18. With the Dishoom cookbook, I can recreate their iconic recipes like an almost pro!

    19. And finally, this fireplace lamp gives a warm and cosy glow to my living room.