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    I Tried The Seche Vite Top Coat That Claims To Really Make Your Manicures Last Longer, Here's What Happened

    To chip or not to chip?

    Put your hand up if you've ever spent ages doing your nails only for your manicure to chip a few days later.

    Same here. As someone who loves nothing more than a fresh manicure, it's seriously annoying when they only last a little while.

    I'm obsessed with doing my nails, but my manicure usually chips at the drop of a hat (I can literally sneeze and my nail polish will chip right off) but I like my nails to look pretty, so we must persevere. I'm always on the lookout for anything that will make my efforts worthwhile, so I feel like this top coat which claims to make your manicure dry quicker and last longer will change the game!

    Seche Vite's Dry Fast Top Coat has been getting rave reviews on Amazon, so I thought I would try it out for two weeks to see if it really works.

    Day One.

    Let’s talk about my right thumb.

    Day Three.

    Day Seven.

    Day 14.

    Now, what happened to ~that~ thumb?

    Conclusion: this top coat is insane! It helped to make my manicure last absolutely ages without chipping and still looks reasonably fresh after two weeks. If I wasn’t really excited to try out a new dark burgundy polish now that Autumn is truly here, my lazy self would be happy to keep this French manicure for as long as I can get away with it.

    Top tips for using Seche Vite top coat:

    1. It’s important to load up the brush with a lot of polish so you don’t have to double dip – if you try to paint another layer of top coat over the first, it will be more difficult to work with and might go lumpy.

    2. You don’t have to wait for each layer to dry before you paint the next – this top coat actually works better when the layers underneath are still slightly wet, so it can kinda bond them together.

    3. Don’t forget to seal the edges of the top coat with whatever’s left on your brush. Run the brush over the top edge of your nail to connect the tip with the main body of the nail and make sure that the manicure doesn’t shrink back a-la my right thumb.

    4. Finally, this top coat’s name really isn’t lying: it dries fast. If your layers of polish underneath aren’t too thick, wait about five minutes and you can go about your day as normal (no more frantically flapping hands). But also make sure you work quickly, and don’t leave the brush out of the bottle for too long so it doesn’t have a chance to dry out.

    Now go forth and enjoy your longer-lasting manicures!