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    I Can’t Believe I’ve Lived 28 Years Of Life Without Knowing About These 28 Genius Products

    'Cause who doesn't want their life made easier?

    1. This Tile Mate Bluetooth item finder is sure to come in handy if you're forever losing your keys. Simply connect it to your phone via the app, link it through your keys, and you'll be able to call your keys from your phone (and vice versa) when you've misplaced them!

    2. I bought this hair-smoothing stick a few months ago and it's been a complete game changer for creating slicked-back hairstyles. Seriously, I thought nothing could tame my stubborn flyaways but this bad boy manages it, and with zero greasy residue too!

    3. I can't lie, my Hotel Chocolat Velvetiser has sorta changed my life! I can now make my own barista-level beverages every morning – and it's not just for hot chocolate either, it's also an incredible milk frother, matcha tea maker, and so much more. Hello, collagen and caramel syrup-infused oat matcha latte!

    4. This clever lil' dehumidifier bag attracts the moisture in your car to prevent the windshield from fogging up. It's come in so handy during the winter months!

    5. Upgrade your current hair curling sitch with the Remington Proluxe heated rollers. They feature the most gorgeous dusky pink shades and are super quick and easy to use!

    6. This sunrise alarm clock uses sunset simulation lighting and natural sounds to gently ease my senses awake, which makes it a HUGE improvement on the blaring phone alarm I used before. Plus it's easy to set up, even for a self-confessed technophobe like me!

    7. This Instant Pot is a multi-purpose wonder! The pressure cooking function makes it super quick and easy to cook healthy meals – think: soups, curries, and tender fall-off-the-bone meat! Plus you can also use it to make rice, bread, yoghurt, AND sauté and steam your food.

    8. Move over blotting papers and scooch down cakey powder, because this reusable face roller will mattify your skin in seconds. It's made using volcanic rock which absorbs excess oils with ease!

    9. These clever discs help to keep my fruit and veg fresher for way longer. They basically prolong the ripening process to prevent your fruit and veg from decaying and prevent you from having to chuck them away!

    10. I can't lie, I was kinda sceptical about the 'spray and go' claims of this mattress stain remover, but when I tried it for myself I was genuinely shocked at how well it worked on a stain caused by a spilled cuppa months ago! It brightened up the rest of my mattress nicely too.

    11. I recently got a heated clothes rail and it has made so much difference now it's too cold to dry my clothes outside! I fold the items over themselves to get maximum access to the heated rails, and they dry up super quickly. It's a great alternative to turning the central heating on for ages while your clothes dry on the radiator!

    12. And for when the weather (finally) warms up enough to dry your clothes outside, this retractable clothing line means my garden doesn't look cluttered on non-wash days. I'm also super impressed with just how much the two washing lines can hold without sagging too much!

    13. This chic-yet-affordable gym bag is compact and lightweight but still fits a surprisingly huge amount, has LOADS of pockets (including a separate section for your trainers, flip flops, and wet kit), and feels far more expensive than it actually is! Seriously, the zips slide open like a dream and I can fit my gym kit, a change of clothes, a towel, toiletries, and water bottle alongside my laptop, charger, and other work bits when I’ve got an office-and-gym day ahead.

    14. It's unreal how much of a difference this microfibre yoga towel made to my home workouts! It grips securely to my mat via the corner pockets and is really easy to clean – I just pop it in the wash with my colours.

    15. This running belt has made running with a phone keys far easier. The pockets sort of fasten over the item they're holding without even having to zip it up, meaning I can easily slip out my phone to change the song without disrupting my stride.

    16. Light this odour-eliminating candle to counterbalance ~potent~ cooking smells or just when you want to give your home a fresh feel.

    17. These genius wine stoppers will create an airtight vacuum seal on your bottles to prevent the contents from getting sour.

    18. Prevent blisters before they have a chance of forming thanks to this Compeed anti-blister stick.

    19. And if you can't stand your clothes clinging to you (hello tights-and-flowy-dress combo), this anti-static spray is the product for you!

    20. You can spray this SPF mist over your makeup. It's perfect for top-ups throughout the day or if you're always forgetting to apply sun cream before you doll yourself up.

    21. These stackable ice cube trays have a silicone base, so you can pop the cubes out with ease.

    22. And this genius tray makes slim ice cubes that'll fit through the neck of your water bottle! I also appreciate the easy-to-fill design that stops water from rebounding and spilling all over the sink.

    23. When my colleague told me about Guinness' Nitrosurge device I couldn't believe it. An ultrasonic contraption that creates the *perfect* even, creamy pour from a can of Guinness? Yes please.

    24. This wooden flower press is such a cute and unique way to store your favourite meaningful blooms!

    25. Can we please take a moment to appreciate this utterly adorable sloth bookmark? It'll hold the pages of your book open while you read AND is only £3.33!

    26. I am losing it over these (kinda chic?) deep red LEGO keyrings. They look pretty subtle on their own but then click together to form a heart!

    27. And these teeny tiny silicone snails will hold your teabag and your heart.

    28. This mini silicone spatula set is genius. They allow you to get every. Last. Drop of liquid out of fiddly jam jars and foundation bottles!

    I made this exact same list last year, and because sharing is caring – here are all 27 more genius products I couldn't believe I'd lived 27 years of life without knowing existed:

    29. I cannot get over this bamboo chopping board. It has clever compartments to store your chopped-up veg as you go!

    30. These blanket hangers are spiral-shaped, so they'll evenly dry large pieces of material without taking up most of the washing line!

    31. Forever frustrated that your bed sheets don't reach all the way down under your mattress? Same. That is, until I found out about these extra-deep fitted sheets!

    32. This silicone toilet brush is far easier to keep clean than its bristly brother. It also has a super-slim design, so won't take up too much space in your WC!

    33. Give your loo a deep clean with this Dr. Beckmann PowerFoaming toilet cleaner. Simply pour the contents into the toilet bowl, leave for ten minutes, brush, and flush to help remove stains, odours, and limescale.

    34. Imagine me, squeezing my own toothpaste like a chump without realising this automatic wall-mounted toothpaste dispenser existed! It'll also hold up to four manual and two electric toothbrushes.

    35. This soap dispenser lets you lather up your sponge without having to faff around with any slippery bottles. You can also store your sponge on it when you're done with the dishes!

    36. I'm a little bit obsessed with this shower cleaner that smells like a spa. You simply spray it on your wet surfaces to prevent the buildup of soap scum and limescale – you won't even have to scrub or rinse it away!

    37. Speaking of clever shower products, these aromatherapy shower steamers basically work like bath bombs for if you don't have a tub!

    38. Always busy in the morning? Not to worry, as this Sanctuary Spa shower oil washes and moisturises your body at the same time!

    39. If you have a cat then you'll be thrilled to know that this self-grooming tool exists. You can easily mount it to the corner of your wall for your picky pal to enjoy whenever they like, plus it's only three quid!

    40. Speaking of pets, this carpet foam neutralises ~interesting~ odours from your soft furnishings. Customers say it dries almost instantly, and you won't have to hoover up any excess!

    41. My hair falls flat and frizzes up at the drop of a hat, so you can imagine my excitement when I found out about this super lightweight hair conditioner!

    42. If your plant babies are looking lacklustre then you might want to try these nourishing food spikes – they're perfect for indoor plants!

    43. And this plant life support drip might look like a novelty item, but it's actually a clever automatic watering system (perfect if you're the forgetful type!).

    44. You'll feel like you're living in 3022 thanks to this square-shaped water bottle that's designed to fit into slim handbags and larger pockets!

    45. This BladeBrush will let you wash your knives safely and effectively. It's also easy to store over the edge of your washing bowl!

    46. And this glass-washing brush duo allows you to get into every nook and cranny of the tallest glasses!

    47. This portable dog water bottle is ideal for when you're out and about with your bestie.

    48. This colander/serving spoon hybrid lets you measure out your ideal-sized portion with ease! The clever design also allows it to rest on the rims of your pot while the contents are drained.

    49. These handy drops from Sally Hansen will dry your wet mani in as little as 60 seconds!

    50. This potato masher folds almost completely flat, so you won't have to manoeuvre it awkwardly to fit into your cutlery drawer.

    51. And the same goes for this clever collapsible whisk (AKA usually the most annoying appliance to find a storage spot for!).

    52. This genius gadget removes built-up hair from vacuum cleaners, hairbrushes, and more!

    53. I won't lie, I'd been throwing my handbag at the nearest unsuspecting passenger for them to carry before I found out about these car storage hooks.

    54. As someone who gets distracted easily, my WFH life was completely changed by this amazing temperature control mug that keeps my cuppa warm for literally hours.

    55. Finally, this silicone ice cube tray makes the coolest tiny barista-worthy heart-shaped ice cubes I've ever seen!