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The Top 13 Most Sex(i)est Ads of 2010 (NSFWish)

What would advertising be without a bit of sexism?Well remember those ads for mobility chairs? Yeah those. So sure you can argue these are in poor taste and they objectify women - wait where was I? Oh well BRING ON THE BOOTY! Original Article By: Adrants

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  • 1. Justene Jaro Sells Nike Air Max 90's

    If you're a fan of the insanely hot Justene Jaro and love to watch women frolic in their underwear while wearing kicks then you'll love this video shot by Jeffery Woodings. Only after regaining your composure will you realize it's a long-form ad for Nike's Ait Max 90. Does sex sell or does it just distract and confuse?

  • 2. Oh La La Cheri Lingerie PhotoShoot

    You know, why don't lingerie companies just come right out and say it. Yea. Enough with this elusive stuff that tries to convince everyone the stuff is anything other than what it really is: clothing that makes men want to fuck women.

  • 3. Ms. Meena Sexy NY Giants Football Video

    Queens-born Tehmeena Afzal loves the New York Giants. Really, really loves them. And she's showing her love in a new video that can only be described as one of the sexiest football-related videos you will ever see. And while all her R-rated parts are covered, you'd best view this video away from the prying eyes of your boss

  • 4. DIM SEXY LINGERIE commercial

    A woman like this is used to being stared at. She's used to walking down the street with all eyes upon her and everyone and everything reacting to her stunning beauty and oozing sexuality. But she's probably not used to a cat tearing her sweater off to reveal her sizable assets in a public market

  • 5. Selling Motorcycles Insurance 101: Hot Babes with Big Boobs

    Call it lowest common denominator marketing. Call it the decline of civilization. it magnificently mouthwatering marketing. Bikes and boobs. The two are seemingly made for each other and Bennetts is keenly aware of this.

  • 6. Beach Volleyball Hotties Gyrate in Slow Motion For Club Seat

    Club Seat is a promotional entity of Volkswagen Group UK which hosts special events around the globe. The Beach Volleyball Grand Slam Gstaad 2010 is one such event.

  • 7. Russian Stewardesses Wash Airplane While Wearing Bikinis

    Thank God there are still countries out there that have no problem with their stewardesses (yes, not flight attendants) stripping down to their bikinis (because all stewardesses wear bikinis under their uniforms in these countries) to wash their airplanes. And, they don't even mind when the stewardesses' bikini-clad bodies become all soaped up like a good bikini car wash girl.

  • 8. CPR Like You've Never Seen in Before

    Damn! If CPR were demonstrated the way Fornight Lingerie does in this video, I might actually have remembered the details. No wait, I wouldn't have remembered anything at all. Except for life long memories of ultra hot, lingerie-clad beauties seductively demonstrating the gentle nature of administering the life saving technique. Of course, after viewing this demo, an entirely different form of compression will be on your mind.

  • 9. Super Sexy Abdominal Thrust

    As a follow on to its Super Sexy CPR, Fortnight Lingerie offers up Super Sexy Abdominal Thrusts. In case, you know, you're in a restaurant wearing only your underwear and you choke and you need the Heimlich Maneuver...from a guy wearing only his underwear. That happens all the time, right?

  • 10. The Game of Squash is Hotter Than You Think

    Good God! Who knew squash could be so hot? Directed by Jonathan Leder, this promotional video for Jacques Magazine features a very hot looking Michea slapping the ball around the court. I think it's safe to say I'll be taking up this sport soon.

  • 11. Che Magazine Delivers the Babysitter

    As always, Belgian men's magazine Che promises men the prefect world, unencumbered by the silliness of rules, obligations and unfulfilled fantasies. In this Duval Guillaume-created promotion for the magazine's tenth anniversary, a man gets to experience the fantasy every man has had at least once whether or not they will admit to it.

  • 12. Thong-Clad Bootyliciousness to Increase Xbox Sales

    How do you sell Xbox to teenage boys? By dressing an incredibly hot chick with an unbelievably amazing bootylicious ass of stunningly epic proportion in a thong and just film her sitting there playing the game. No need for pointless copy or lame narration. Just a hot ass and a camera. Simple, really.

  • 13. Hot Girls! Whipped Cream! Lingerie! Pillow Fight! Yawn.

    So...let's have a pillow fight. Yea, that's it. And why not? After all, pillow fights are fun. Especially when there's a lot of feather-filled pillows