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The Best 11 Responses to Radiohead's Lotus Flower Video

This List Is IN NO PARTICULAR ORDER. Just 11 of the UG team's faves but we may have missed some. Full list here. All entries were part of the Urgent Genius Weekender Go to and like/follow Urgent Genius on Facebook/Twitter.

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  • Behind the Scenes with the Choreographer

    Check out BDC's exclusive interview with the choreographic maverick behind Thom Yorke's performance in latest music video 'Lotus Flower'. Discussing the creative process and speaking out against the videos critics. Co-production of BDC/iris London including @banffdecampff & @albinoriotman

  • Lotus Flower Outtakes

    Courtesy of Big Balls Films. Twitter: @bigballs_films Facebook: BigBallsFilms

  • Radiohead Lotus Flu

    Lotus Flower flu strain infecting public. Dad dancing at Regent Street bus stop, London. Courtesy of Salt Pictures Ltd

  • Thom Whips His Hair

    Courtesy of Iris London's Bunker Interns @Kaely_Coon, Alexis Mercado, @Guillermo_March, Evgeniya Valeeva

  • The Lotus Flower Workout

    Take the Thom Yorke workout challenge and have abs of steel in just two weeks. Courtesy of Iris Sydney including @tomjhoskins @marshameredith @griffinabox

  • Radiohead's Thom Yorke Says NEVER to Bieber Fever

    Justin Bieber says Never Say Never in his new 3D movie; however, Thom Yorke says NEVER. Courtesy of Modea including @meggerz04, @bimzilla, @tollhous3 @savethetweets

  • King of The Limbs

    Love Thom Yorke's dancing in the Lotus Flower music video? Always wanted your very own Thom with authentic, true to life dancing action? Well now you can! Look at him go! Visit the brand new Toy Shop! - Courtesy of iris London/Shotopop including @PRossouw & @Shotopop

  • Creeping Thom

    Thom Yorke creeping into dinners and conversations and cartoons with the Lotus Flower. Courtesy of @fcpaaco @clarinta @meyvz, @geraldinetan_ from BBDO/Proximity Singapore

  • Radio Gaga Head

    MASH-UP of LADY GAGA - BORN THIS WAY, BORN THIS WAY COVER & RADIOHEAD - LOTUS FLOWER. Thom Yorke hits the high notes & Maybe Gaga rips off Thom's outfit and dance moves (take five Madonna). A small pianist also features. Courtesy of Maddy Nebraska w/ help from editing dynamo Neil Edwards & iris London

  • Radiohead Lotus Flower: Thom Yorke vs Soulja Boy vs Tempz

    Lotus Flower vs Soulja Boy vs Tempz. Courtesy of Big Balls Films. Twitter: @bigballs_films Facebook: BigBallsFilms

  • Lotus Flower Drum and Bass Remix

    A bit of editing brilliance from @wearefallon London

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