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Anonymous Identifies And Targets Pepper Spraying Police Officer Anthony Bologna

Footage of protestors being penned-up and pepper-sprayed Saturday has raised the ire of Anonymous, who has reportedly identified the officer from the video. Will Anon's amateur sleuthing bring further retaliation?

When a group of #OccupyWallStreet protestors left Liberty Plaza to demonstrate in Union Square on Saturday, hundreds of NYPD officers showed up to control the crowd.

In one video, a group of women is kettled into a net before being doused with tear-gas.

Enranged, the faceless, nameless mob known only as Anonymous has begun pooling the personal information of not only Officer Bologna, but his wife and children. Other #OccupyWallStreet demonstrators have voiced concern about the ad-hoc group's tactics.

According to Death And Taxes:

The Anonymous posters also included Bologna’s phone number, his past and present precinct details and also information relating to his past and present residences as well as family members. This last detail, however, is of some concern—his children, wife, cousins, etc., were not involved in his despicable actions and they didn’t deserve to be included in Bologna’s dox.

The Occupy Wall Street protesters were not exactly pleased with the action, with one of the protesters Chelsea Elliot stating it was “disgusting” and she didn’t “want him to be hurt or his children.”