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Some Of The Best Responses To The Lenny Kravitz #Penisgate Scandal

Never has a man's junk united so many

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In case you missed it...

A photo has been circulating of Lenny's junk after his leather pants split on stage during a show in Sweden

And all hell broke loose on the internet, including this fake tweet from the man himself

This #TwoForTuesday is just for you @LennyKravitz.

Just be thankful it was Lenny Kravitz. Could have been Meat Loaf.

Finally!!! A new release from Lenny Kravitz.

When you see the Lenny Kravitz video:

"I work at Facebook" = "I spent 5 hours today removing photos of Lenny Kravitz's dick from our website"

When you're scrolling your timeline, and then see Lenny Kravitz's dick

Today I googled "Lenny Kravitz dick flopped out" as I do every Tuesday afternoon for the last 13 years and at long last got positive results

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