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82 Random Thoughts I Had Whilst Watching Jurassic World

**Massive Spoilers**

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1. I wonder if when those eggs hatch, what would be the dinosaurs first words?


2. Judy Greer, yay!

And that's totally David Wallace from The Office as the husband

And that's totally David Wallace from The Office as the husband

3. Who let's their kids go to a island full of dinosaurs by themselves?

4. Weclome to Jurassic World, a three hour tour, yes a three hour tour

5. They kept true to the old music, cool

6. I wonder how long before Chris takes his shirt off

7. Ooh that guy from Law and Order is back, cool


He was awesome in Oz

8. Love the references to the original film in the museum

ahh i remember Mr DNA

ahh i remember Mr DNA

9. awwww, there’s a statue of Richard Attenborough,

10. I would pay all the money I had for these actors to do this movie again, but as the characters they are best known for


Chris Pratt as Andy Dwyer, Judy Greer as chick from archer, Jake as Nick from New GirlL, Vincent & BD Wong reprising their roles from Law & Order

11. BD and Vincent solving dinosaur crimes. That would be epic

12. With special guest stars

13. Jake Johnson - comedy gold

14. Not that hard a task Chris

15. I could watch this all day

16. She totally looks like Christina Hendricks in this movie

17. How does she keep her hair from frizzing in that heat?


18. Why is Vincent D'Onofrio orange?


19. Whose a good little Raptor, yes you are, you're a good little Raptor aren't you

20. baby Triceratops awwwww

21. OMG baby Brontosaurus, OMG gimme gimme

22. Ooh he’s cleaning his bike and all dirty, shirt off, yes?

23. Dammmmn he looks good in this movie

24. The redhead just told him he smelt bad. Shirt off now?

25. It's always about the money, never the reality of having dinosaurs

26. Is this where they filmed Lost?


ooh Smoke dinosaurs? Or the dinosaurs are actually in pergatory? This is all a dream of Andy Dwyers? The dinosaurs are already dead? (ooh hang on. . .)

27. how is she not covered in filth? who wears white in the jungle?

28. Sea World could learn a thing or two from how the park looks

29. That dinosaur ate a shark. Awesome

30. Who would win in a fight - a Mosasaurus or a Sharknado?

31. That look of concentration when he runs


probably needs a bathroom. I would too after running into a dinosaur

32. I love the fact that the bleachers lower so you can see. That needs to be a thing

33. I would have loved for someone to say "You’re gonna need a bigger dinosaur."

34. That moment when your bae comes home drunk and you pretend to be asleep

35. Man, this new hybrid dinosaur reminds me of my cat, total bitch

36. I misheard, the dinosaur is Indominus Rex, i thought they said Abdominous Rex, abs with teeth

View this video on YouTube

Abs with Teeth would make a great band name. Or horror movie title

37. Vincent, don’t say you're in it for the money or for weapons. That means you are going to die. Most likely by raptor since you have such a hard on for them.

38. A nod to the old gates. I'd like to see religious door-knockers get through those


39. Kayaking down a river with dinosaurs, looks freakin amazing

40. This would be a cool thing to do

41. They should totally bring back dinosaurs, but just the nice vegetarian ones. We could get all Flintstone up in here

42. This scene with the special ops team reminds me a lot of Predator.



or maybe not

44. Apparently Dennis from 'It’s always Sunny’ was supposed to play Chris Pratt’s role. I’d keep expecting an oiled up Danny DeVito to emerge from a dinosaur (a la Ace Ventura 2)

45. Those Gyroscopes are just giant Hamster Wheels

46. As much as i love Jimmy Fallon, i would have loved a cameo where he got eaten.

47. Kids these days never do as they're told

48. It's gone a bit pantomime now (She's behind you!)

49. Why is always the nice Dinos that have to die


right in the feels

50. Nice touch with the old cars. However, I would have liked them stumbling upon the remains of Newman from the 1st one.

51. I haven’t seen the 3rd one. Is Jeff Goldblum still alive in this series? if so, where is he?

52. Ooh this has gone all Hitchcock all of a sudden

53. I think her death took up more screen time then the rest of her time in the film

54. Why is no one filming this on their phones or live-tweeting the crap out of this?

55. Park is being attacked by flying dinosaurs, dude grabs his margaritas off the table. Priorities dude, you has them.


ooh that dude was jimmy Buffett

56. Is this a dinosaur movie or a Michael Bay film?

57. I cannot even walk in a straight line in bare feet and she is running through the jungle in heels

58. Born to be Wild would go great playing under this


The original, not that dodgy 80's version

59. Riding through the jungle with Raptors, better than swinging through the vines with monkeys

I'm looking at you Shia

I'm looking at you Shia

60. And they're off and racing

61. Turning on their Alpha. How Rude

62. Exploding raptors. That's new

63. Yup, death by raptor, sorry Vincent

64. when will people learn, do not go into a laboratory if there is a chance of raptors.

65. that should be a weather report, sunny with a 40% chance of raptors

66. Raptor Flambé

67. I wonder what Raptor tastes like

68. yeah Rexy is back!!

69. I wonder if that is the original T-rex?

70. looked it up on imdb, yup it is supposedly the original T-Rex. She’s aged well (apart from the scarring). What the hell has she been eating for 20 years

71. Fight! Fight! Fight! Fight!

72. Finally her hair is frizzing like a normal person

73. I remember the first few films being a lot more gory?

74. Abdominus Rex meets a grisly end, much like Samuel L. Jackson in Deep Blue Sea

75. They're evacuating the island.

76. Hang on, does that mean that Mosasaurus is still stuck in the tank like a dodgy sea world? Whose going to feed him?

77. Why did they hire Phil Tippett again, didn't they learn their lesson last time?

78. I’m on to you Tippet probably have some black market dino burgers going on

79. T-Rex roar. *GoT spoiler below*

This is like the White Walker 'Come at me Bro' to Jon Snow.

This is like the White Walker 'Come at me Bro' to Jon Snow.

80. Dinosaurs can be real douchebags sometimes

81. I canot believe he didn't take his shirt off once. This will have to do

82. Can't wait for the next one

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