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82 Random Thoughts I Had Whilst Watching Jurassic World

**Massive Spoilers**

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3. Who let's their kids go to a island full of dinosaurs by themselves?

5. They kept true to the old music, cool

10. I would pay all the money I had for these actors to do this movie again, but as the characters they are best known for


Chris Pratt as Andy Dwyer, Judy Greer as chick from archer, Jake as Nick from New GirlL, Vincent & BD Wong reprising their roles from Law & Order

26. Is this where they filmed Lost?


ooh Smoke dinosaurs? Or the dinosaurs are actually in pergatory? This is all a dream of Andy Dwyers? The dinosaurs are already dead? (ooh hang on. . .)

36. I misheard, the dinosaur is Indominus Rex, i thought they said Abdominous Rex, abs with teeth

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Abs with Teeth would make a great band name. Or horror movie title

37. Vincent, don’t say you're in it for the money or for weapons. That means you are going to die. Most likely by raptor since you have such a hard on for them.

44. Apparently Dennis from 'It’s always Sunny’ was supposed to play Chris Pratt’s role. I’d keep expecting an oiled up Danny DeVito to emerge from a dinosaur (a la Ace Ventura 2)

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