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    33 Signs You May Be Addicted To Doctor Who

    I can stop anytime I want

    1. Your ears are finely tuned for the sound of the Tardis

    2. Noone would ever be able to guess your password

    3. Most explanations include a 'wibbly wobbly' or 'timey wimey'

    4. You think bow-ties are cool

    5. Hugging walls is a hobby

    6. You ponder how life would be so different if you just turned left

    7. The pain you felt when you were the only one of your friends who was a fan

    8. Meeting someone called Alonso - #LifeGoals

    9. There can be only one Captain Jack, and that's Harkness

    10. Every British TV Show you watch now is because someone from Doctor Who is on it

    11. Disappointment comes from realizing you will never be ginger

    12. You have started training your cat in First Aid

    13. Friends consider you a bit strange

    14. Especially when you bring gifts

    15. Christmas makes you wary

    16. Very wary

    17. You keep a bag packed, just in case

    18. You understand now that there is more to life

    19. You really hate statues

    20. Insults sound different when you say them

    21. Different, but cooler

    22. You don'thave the best memory

    23. Unless it's suddenly understanding a major plot point days later

    24. You feel the master was under appreciated

    25. A lot of your expressions come from the eyebrows

    26. Trying to explain the plot to a non-Whovian

    27. You have the same reaction everytime someone says they are not a fan

    28. You now have a favourite artist

    29. This is your idea of true love

    30. Shopping online is safer

    31. Bodily functions make you suspicious

    32. Your reaction everytime a character leaves/dies/regenerates

    33. But you wouldn't have it any other way