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    28 Gifts To Buy The Bacon Lover In Your Life

    Apart from of course, more bacon

    1. Kevin Bacon Fridge Magnet

    2. I Love You More Than Bacon Key Chain

    3. My Bacon Eating shirt

    4. BFF Bacon Necklace Friendship Necklace

    5. With matching Bacon Earrings

    6. Maple Bacon Breakfast Meat Lollipop Sucker Party Favor

    7. Ron Swanson Mug, Give Me All the Bacon and Eggs

    8. Maple Bacon Scented Candle

    9. Bacon Beeswax Lip Balm

    10. You had me at Bacon T-Shirt

    11. Bacon Headband

    12. Hot Cooked Breakfast Play Food

    13. Wake Me For Bacon Sleep Mask

    14. Bacon Iron on Patches Applique

    15. Dog or Cat Slide On Bow Tie

    16. I love Bacon Duct Tape Wallet

    17. Dream Bro Zip Up

    18. Vintage WWI Bacon Ration Tin Model

    19. SWANSON Handmade Solid Cologne for Men

    20. Bacon Candy

    21. Bacon Alarm Clock

    22. Bacon Bandages

    23. Bacon Flavored Toothpaste

    24. Bacon Shaving Cream

    25. Bacon Ornament

    26. Bacon Shoes

    27. Bacon Peanut Brittle Candy

    28. Bacon Soap

    29. Kevin Bacon Wine Glass