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27 Things That Only People Who Grew Up In The 80's Would Understand

What a time to be alive

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1. It was an innocent time

When you picked someone up at the airport, you met them at the gate. #BackInTheEighties @HashtagAfterDrk

2. Our obsession with cats was a bit different to now

#BackInTheEighties it was totally acceptable to eat cats

3. First World Problems were different

#BackInTheEighties Ugghhhh! Do you have a pencil?

4. We were naive

#BackInTheEighties it was realistic to think a 5 foot 2 inch Italian could beat a 6 foot + Russian ;)

5. We were innocent

#BackInTheEighties we didn't question why a 17 y/o high school student was hanging with a near elderly mad scientist

6. Very innocent

#BackInTheEighties I wanted to eat Jello with Bill Cosby.

7. Our priorities were different

#BackInTheEighties Carebears were everything

8. Certain things were just understood

#BackInTheEighties nobody put Baby in a corner.

9. We didn't sugarcoat things

#BackInTheEighties Vampires didn't Sparkle !

10. Unless we actually sugarcoated them

#BackInTheEighties Soda's actually had sugar in them

11. Our celebrities were different

#BackInTheEighties He was the only " Famous " Kardashian....

12. We dealt with problems differently

#BackInTheEighties I took the good, I took the bad, I took them both and then I had...the Facts of Life...

13. A man in a codpiece could awaken you sexually

#BackInTheEighties Labyrinth gave me some special feelings 😉

14. We thought things would never change

#BackInTheEighties we hadn't gotten tired of Eddie Murphy yet.

15. Some things haven't

#BackInTheEighties I wanted to make out with James Spader. Nothing has changed.

16. Fashion was different

#BackInTheEighties a red Ferrari, a Hawaiian shirt, and a mustache could probably get you laid.

17. Very different

#BackInTheEighties I was the coolest cat in school with my Swatch watch, Trapper Keeper and Pony sneakers!

18. We set the trends of today

#BackInTheEighties Big Glasses were cool - take that, Hipsters ...

19. And risked our hair in doing so

20. Our technology was still cutting edge for the time

#BackInTheEighties we spent hours listening to the radio trying to hit the record button at just the right moment


#BackInTheEighties These were our "iPods"


#BackInTheEighties You couldn't play your DVD's because they hadn't invented DVD players yet. It was so frustrating.

23. Maybe not cutting-edge. But unique

#BackInTheEighties I was my parents TV remote control.

24. Selfies were different

#BackInTheEighties taking a selfie was something you did as a goof with the last exposure on a roll of film

25. And they weren't attached to your phone

#BackInTheEighties Cell Phones were Mobile Phones and they were far from smart and didn't fit in your pocket, or purse, or house.

26. The bigger the hair, the harder you rocked

The larger their hair, the louder the guitar riffs! #BackInTheEighties

27. And above all, it now makes you feel really old

#BackInTheEighties "Beyonce was born..."

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