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25 Times Mindy Lahiri Was You But With Better Shoes

Let's hope the awesomeness continues with the show moving to Hulu. And it better be coming soon because I am in serious withdrawals.

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1. Trying to comfort a small child

2. Surviving an awkward party situation


3. Yearning for that special someone

4. Interacting with society

5. Investing in the power of self-belief

6. Getting your priorities straight


7. Dealing with stressful situations

8. Flirting

9. Dating

10. Breaking up

11. Compliments

12. Knowing your place


13. Knowing your self-worth


14. Seduction

15. When people tell you just to 'settle'

16. Understanding your own body

17. Finding love

18. Keeping Love

19. Dealing with reality

20. Working

21. Getting ready for a party

22. Caring for others

23. Small talk

24. Being optimistic

25. Girl Power

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