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25 Instagram Pics That Prove Larry Emdur Should Be Our Next PM

#LARRY4PM. There is nothing Larry can do to make us love him less.

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1. Larry holds the key to Australia's heart

larryemdur Of course I'm going to use an Allen Key to eat my Ikea meatballs. #youknowitsright #soshutup #

2. Larry isn't afraid of anyone / Via

larryemdur Is it weird that while my wife's been away I've been chewing Michael Klim's balls @michaelklim1

3. Larry understands the needs of an aging population

larryemdur Dear City of Sydney, I'm launching this campaign today . For those of us over 50 the 9pm fireworks are too late . And I, like millions of other 50'somethings want the fireworks to go off early .. 5:30 would be good. Then we could all be home for soup, medication and Home and Away. Support me people, join the rage !! What do we want ?? We want to go off early !! When do we want it ??? 5:30!!!!! (Or anytime before Home and Away)

4. Larry knows what to do when the going gets tough

larryemdur Just incase your questions are so tough they make me cry I'm hiding under my desk .. Facebook live chat with me now !!

5. Larry has gone head to head with Australia's toughest politcal minds

6. Larry has been through the dark times (the 80's) and survived

larryemdur Throwback Thursday to when @markberetta and I started our boyband , Spandex Ballet .. #happydayz

7. Larry will not be beaten

larryemdur It's a rainy Christmas arvo board game marathon . They beat me in monopoly and scrabble but I gotta feeling I'm going to totally smash'em now ... #cmondown #lower #lockitin #higher #lightitup #igotthis #justaddhost

8. Larry has already had his 'Reject Shop' moment


Great news @kyliegillies @tomwilliams70 , I'm not coming home !! I applied for a casual job at this joint and they instantly recognized my comprehensive knowledge and deep understanding of their core business and they immediately promoted me to CEO .. Terns owt I'm even better at stoopid than yoo give me credatt four Kylee

9. Larry is firmly in favour of paid parental leave

larryemdur As weird as it gets !! The new Huggies TV ad features

a baby called Larrry . So to be honest we had no choice but to do a parody .. Me wearing a nappy in a cot is friggin kinky enough , but @kyliegillies playing my "caring , nurturing" mother is just downright freaky .. Don't miss this !!( or you can if you want) !! Tmrow on @themorningshowon7

10. Larry has connections in all major industries and unions

11. Larry knows how to dress appropriately

12. Larry is always there for a friend

larryemdur Thunder Buddies for life

13. Larry knows how to shirt front his main competition

larryemdur Dearest @rovemcmanus I know you're a style icon but I have clearly won the "Best beanie in New York " contest ...... You decide Australia

14. Larry is tough on crime.

15. Larry is good in a tough situation

16. Larry understands the Beef Industry

17. Larry knows how to handle the media

18. Larry is on the cutting edge of science

19. Larry knows how to handle press releases

20. Larry is a supporter of the arts

21. Larry understands the Health Sector

22. Larry is down with the young people's music

23. Larry knows what the people of Australia want

24. Larry knows how to be a true Australian
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