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    19 Pieces Of Jewelry For The "Buffy" Fan In Your Life

    Less killy, more frilly.

    1. Buffy Replica Cross Pendant

    $9.95 (AUD) from Amazon.

    2. Buffy The Vampire Slayer Inspired Handmade Necklace

    $17.37(AUD) from Etsy.

    3. Gem of Amara Ring Prop Replica

    As searched for by Spike in Season 4 to make him invulnerable to sunlight

    $49.90 (US) from noblewares.

    4. Bunnies Bracelet

    $16.68 (AUD) from Etsy.

    5. Ultimate BTVS Charm Bracelet

    $24.00(AUD) from Etsy.

    6. Anyanka's Amulet

    $15.00 (US) from Moonfire Charms.

    7. Faith Five by Five Necklace

    $20.85 (AUD) from Etsy.

    8. Sterling Silver Slayer's Scythe Pendant

    $54.21 (AUD) from Etsy.

    9. B for Buffy Dangle Earrings

    $10.83 (AUD) from Etsy.

    10. Grr Argh Earrings

    $19.45 (AUD) from Etsy.

    11. Mr Pointy Sterling Silver Pendant

    $122.32 (AUD) from Etsy.

    12. Bored Now Evil Willow Pendant

    $56.99 (AUD) from Etsy.

    13. Buffy Stainless Steel Cufflinks

    $22.99 (US) from ebay.

    14. Sunnydale High Class of 1999 ring

    $13.99 (AUD) from Etsy.

    15. Replica of Drusilla's Pearl Filigree Necklace

    $31.27 (US) from ebay.

    16. Stirling Silver B-uffy Pendant

    $54.21 (AUD) from Etsy.

    17. Dingoes ate my baby guitar pick necklace

    $19.46 (AUD) from Etsy.

    18. WWBD beaded necklace

    $9.73 (AUD) from Etsy.

    19. Buffy Sterling Silver ring

    If you are going to punch a bad guy, always leave your mark

    $83.39 (AUD) from Etsy.