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19 Of The Best Twitter Responses To The Ashley Madison Scandal

37 million cheaters are in danger of being found out after hackers attacked the website and threatened to release all personal details of subscribers.

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I don't need Ashley Madison's website to cheat on my wife. I have Netflix.


Irony of ironies, #AshleyMadison is now guaranteeing that everyone using their site gets screwed


The Ashley Madison hack is a great reminder why I use my father in laws name for all my web signups


Isn't #AshleyMadison a place for researching baby names? That's what my wife told me when she was pregnant with my daughter Tinder anyway


Divorce lawyers, florists & jewellers are thinking that they've won the lottery today. #ashleymadison


Public Service Announcement: If you get flowers today and it's not your birthday OR your anniversary - call a lawyer. lol #ashleymadison


Porn sites are more secure than #AshleyMadison right? Right?


37 million users on #AshleyMadison and "gay marriage is destroying the American family" 😂😂😂


Conveniently, the fantasy I posted on Ashley Madison was "having my Ashley Madison fantasy outed by hackers."


If you like pina coladas, getting caught in the rain, then join the 37 million others at #AshleyMadison. #AHackingGoodTime


Due to the #AshleyMadison hack, a record number of men filled emergency rooms across the U.S. with dicks in plastic baggies filled with ice


And cheaters thought STD's were the worst thing to worry about on #ashleymadison


This #AshleyMadison hack should have people scared of which sites they join or not.... *runs and cancels Golden Girl fan club account*


People who use Ashley Madison are quite ballsy. I don't even watch ahead in a TV show my girl and I are binge watching in fear of her wrath.


I think eventually it will come out that Mick Fanning was using #Ashleymadison and the shark was hired by his wife.


Part of me hopes the hackers follow through on Ashley Madison threat. B/c I might look up every married person I know #AshleyMadison


I think my dads going on another "business trip" #ashleymadisonhack


Man blaming Ashley Madison infidelity on his dyslexia: "I thought she was gonna help me organize A FAIR you KNOW how much I love fairs!"


#TDSBreakingNews Cheating website Ashley Madison hacked. Back to cheating the old-fashioned way: with wife's sister.

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