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    • ughthis

      Not at all. It’s a different sensation entirely. It’s a natural high some people get from certain sounds or situations. Not everyone gets it. It’s completely distinct from sexual arousal. Think of the chills you get from good music or a powerful scene in a movie, but under your skin instead of on the surface. It starts in your head and spreads down. It feel a lot like chills from music and drama, but instead of exciting, it’s relaxing.

    • ughthis

      Nooo you don’t get it. I’m tired of people trying to explain ASMR who don’t have it. Also -gasm just reinforces the belief it’s a sexual fetish when it is something else entirely. It’s just a pleasant natural high some people get from certain sounds or social situations. It’s mostly about intimacy or attention. Foodgasm doesn’t describe the feeling at all. It’s not even about food, but rather the soft noises and being close to someone.

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