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How To Have A Foodgasm Without Eating

ASMR eating videos have forever changed the way some people experience food. Are you one of the lucky ones?

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It's ok, NYCISLANDGIRLY thought so too...

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...until she started making eating videos herself. She gives a great explanation about what caused her to go from hater to creator around the 3:05 mark.

ASMR eating videos are actually pretty popular.

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TAHTEEBAYY's wings video has over 60K views. Her fans love it when she chews loudly. Creators make sure to emphasize the whispers and eating sounds which trigger ASMR "tingles."

Some people consider eating videos an artform.

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GHOSTMOMO wanted to make her eating videos a performance art piece so that they could be shared with both the real and virtual worlds. She later realized that it would be difficult for people to hear eating sounds in public.


Intimacy and absurdity are what attracted ghostmomo to eating videos. She also gets a kick out of the fact that her well mannered husband hates eating sounds -to her, manners are lies. Why should we have to chew with our mouths closed?

Warhol's unintentional eating video has over 300K hits.

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Well, it's over 1 million if you combine all of the different versions floating around YouTube. Like Mo Li's videos, this one was created as an artistic expression. ASMR fans enjoy it nonetheless.

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