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Awesome Homemade "Star Wars" Tusken Raider Costume

Ward Jenkins would have gotten an "Awesome Star Wars Dad" award if they handed any out when he made a costume from household materials for his 7-year-old son Ezra.

"Most of the costume was made with various items around the house, toilet paper rolls, Sculpey clay was used for the nose-like part, tips on the head and staff. Various brown belts were used for the bandoliers."

"The staff itself is just a cheap mop and colored paper bought at the dollar store and I took the end off."

"Ezra and Ava are ready to collect some candy. A lot of the fabric is from a thrift store, along with an adult knitted hat that we just pulled down over his head for the full mask."

Flickr: wardomatic / Via

"We used lots of hot glue. LOTS of hot glue, especially with all the strips of fabric on the mask. Ward made this costume last year but just posted pictures this year."